This Is Us

No, this is not about “the Big Three”, Kevin, Kate, and Randall – although I love that show.

This morning I read that college educated women and people of color were responsible for the electoral victories that repudiated Trump and, more importantly, Trumpism.

A year ago, I was in a hotel in Reno. Comey’s ugly October surprise that the FBI was still involved in investigating Ms. Clinton shook us all, but rather than curse the darkness, I decided to head to Nevada to turn the state blue, which we did. The night of the election I watched in horror as most of us did. I knew as an OG (ask your kids) I had to give hope to those who were experiencing a bitter political defeat for the first time. As I often say, I was born in Texas when “separate but equal” was the law. My cousin Carl Price, AKA Superman, was killed while serving in Vietnam. I was targeted by Chicago’s Red Squad while at Northwestern. When Reagan was elected in 1980, I thought I was going to hear a knock on the door from agents of the government who were going to round up people with my political beliefs. In short, I have seen a lot and wanted to assure others that we would get through this madness.

This morning, after reading the election results, I broke down and cried. In the words of my friend Mona Tawatao, I was not sure that people like me were really welcome in this country. Nazis and white supremacists were given aid and comfort by Trump and felt comfortable taking off their hoods and sheets and walking freely among us. The election results calmed me and allowed all the pent up emotion and fear that I could not really show on a regular basis come tumbling out.

There is much work to do, but I no longer feel that I am a stranger in a strange land. Bravo and brava to all those in the resistance. People of color. Women. Labor unionists. People with disabilities. The LGBTQ community. Woke people of all colors. People of faith.

THIS IS US!!!!!!!!!!!!


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