This Week in White Supremacy: Week 9.5

So much crazy stuff has happened in one day that I could not wait until next week.

  1. Kevin Durant says Colin Kaepernick’s protests changed his perspective on race.
  2. The legal profession is diversifying. But not at the top.
  3. Donald Trump’s long history of clashes with Native Americans.
  4. Women of color have high ambition, but little help.
  5. Trump’s anti-Muslim re-tweets are part of his political strategy.
  6. Muslim teacher harassed.
  7. How segregation leads to racist voting by whites.
  8. Secretary of State says some voters wrongly told they are not registered.
  9. Vandals attack five New Jersey Black churches.
  10. Trump shares racist videos and tweets false conspiracy theories—all before 10 a.m.
  11. In 8 years, no Black woman listed among 683 panelists at Business Insider’s flagship conference.
  12. How a U.S. citizen was mistakenly targeted for deportation. He’s not alone.
  13. Trump made the most flagrant bigots proud. They see him as their leader. Why wouldn’t they?
  14. How faculty of color hurt their careers by helping universities with diversity.
  15. Vote suppressors unleashed.
  16. White House bars one of few Black journalists from attending Christmas party.

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