Civil Rights Hero Charles Ogletree


Our dear friend Charles Ogletree, his wife Pam, and his family are going through a very difficult time, as described in this recent Washington Post article. There would be no Equal Justice Society but for the faith Tree had in our mission.  He was the founding Chair and is now Chair Emeritus. He vouched for us with funders and opened doors at the Ford Foundation through his colleague Alan Jenkins, who was our champion and gave us one of our first major grants.

We have known of Tree’s situation for quite some time and even prepared a video expressing our profound appreciation for all his has done throughout his distinguished career. The video was played at the Harvard celebration described in the article.

Life can sometimes be so unfair and this is a prime example of that truism. Tree is blessed to be surrounded by so much love and support. We wish him all the best and send positive energy and love to all helping him navigate this part of his life’s journey.

We love you Tree.

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