This Week in White Supremacy: Week 30

Our good friend Emily Scott was in Montgomery for the openings of the Legacy Museum and the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, followed by a two-day summit on racial justice.  She wanted to share a few of her Facebook reflections and photos with our TWIWS readers:

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The enormity of all that was experienced, learned, awakened is far greater than what the pithiness of Facebook allows. The speakers, the entertainers, the diverse and impassioned audience.

Rev. Dr. William Barber spoke of the juxtaposition of solemn essence of the opening with the celebration of the opening. He spoke of the quietness of the spirit, and the memorializing of the lynching then and creating a movement against lynching now.

Michelle Alexander, “Remembering our past is a critical part of birthing a new nation. We are on the river of rebellion, resistance, remaking.”

Brittany Packnett, “None of us are free until we are all free.”

Ava DuVernay said of the Memorial and the Museum that they are “drenched in blackness…informative for those who aren’t, intimate for those of us who are.”

Anna Deavere Smith encouraged the practice of “radical love” in activism.

As a privileged white woman, I have struggled to find my place in this movement towards Truth and Reconciliation. I have been encouraged and discouraged by every group. My guides/mentors have echoed Bryan Stevenson’s advice to be proximate and to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. Jacqueline Woodson (remarking at the diversity of the room that it was the opposite of TED) welcomed the “white allies” in the room which seems to be an apt descriptor.

I KNOW this: the doors to the house have been flung open and going back in the dark is not an option for me.

  1. The GOP is quietly crafting work requirement waivers — for white people. Washington Post
  2. A white man was caught on video ranting about employees speaking Spanish to customers at a coffee shop — and threatens to call immigration officers on everyone. Raw Story
  3. Inspired by Gaza killings, Ann Coulter proposes shooting immigrants trying to cross U.S. border illegally. Newsweek
  4. Dallas police are investigating the apparently unrelated deaths of two transgender women of color whose bodies were found within a span of four days. NBC News
  5. Senator Dianne Feinstein: “President Trump’s judicial nominees do not reflect our communities.” @SenFeinstein
  6. #RentingWhileBlack: A South Florida mother of three says she’s being kicked out of her apartment because she didn’t give her landlord an ultrasound of her pregnancy. The Root
  7. Keeven Robinson, the man who died during an arrest, was asphyxiated; death will be investigated as homicide. New Orleans Advocate
  8. This woman called the police on a Black family for having a BBQ. NowThis
  9. President Donald Trump referred to some deported immigrants as “animals” during a White House roundtable discussion on immigration policy. Daily Beast
  10. Georgia Police abuse 65 year old woman. CNN
  11. Black and Hispanic drivers and pedestrians stopped by police in Berkeley are searched “at much higher rates” than white ones, according to a report released this week by the Center for Policing Equity. Berkeleyside
  12. In America, calling 911 is still a privilege of being white. Slate
  13. ‘Protect and Serve Act’ would make police a protected class and violence against them a hate crime. The Root
  14. Tweet by Rogelio Garcia. @LawyerRogelio
  15. US attorney general considers ending asylum for domestic violence victims. SF Chronicle
  16. Nigerian woman kicked off United flight after white man complained she was ‘pungent’. Chicago Tribune
  17. Chief of Staff John Kelly, asked about separating migrant families at the border, tells NPR, “They don’t integrate well. They don’t have skills.” @GeoffRBennett
  18. Controversial US pastors take part in Jerusalem embassy opening. CNN
  19. Wisconsin’s Voter-ID Law Suppressed 200,000 Votes in 2016 (Trump Won by 22,748): A new study shows how voter-ID laws decreased turnout among African-American and Democratic voters. The Nation
  20. Surest way to face marijuana charges in New York: be Black or Hispanic. New York Times
  21. A second Black Yale University student has alleged that the same white student whom officers admonished this week for reporting a Black student asleep in a dorm common room called police months ago to report his presence in the building. CNN
  22. Congressman says it is un-American to acknowledge that racism exists. ThinkProgress
  23. White woman calls security on ‘suspicious man with a baby’ at park in Washington, DC. The Root
  24. Ex-FBI agent who called Islam “barbaric and evil” was allowed to train Texas law enforcement. Texas Tribune
  25. ICE claimed a Dreamer was “gang-affiliated” and tried to deport him. A federal judge ruled that ICE was lying. Slate
  26. The four Asian American journalists in DC most frequently mistaken for one another took a portrait together to prevent these errors. @timkmak
  27. Florida mom gets a 20 yr sentence for firing a warning shot at a burglar after he’d broke into her home while it was just her & her children there. The same Florida system allowed George Zimmerman to walk free after he chased down and murdered Trayvon Martin. @DerenicByrd
  28. PHOTO: The military moms Melania Trump hosted. @Brasilmagic


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ask African-American bishop to give address at wedding.

New Chief Justice Wants to Improve Confidence in Judiciary

Saying the State is Violating a Voter Registration Law, Federal Judge gives Texas Deadline to Propose Fix

Spike Lee’s Passionate Anti-Trump Monologue at Cannes

Police Defend Black Real Estate Investor After White Woman Calls 911

A barista refused to serve a man ‘being very racist’ to a Muslim. Her bosses backed her.

From Susie Tompkins Buell:

The Rising

  • Self-proclaimed “trumpier than trump” Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Don Blankenship lost his primary. Mother Jones
  • Congresswoman Maxine Waters did not let a group of white Republican men silence her from speaking her truth. #NotOneSecond NowThis
  • 4-year-old Austin Perine uses his allowance to buy chicken sandwiches and delivers them to the homeless with the message — “Don’t forget to show love.” CBS News
  • This year’s James Beard Awards were a victory for women and people of color. Grub Street
  • Google and Facebook will no longer allow bail bonds services to advertise on their platforms. Axios
  • Venture capital firm Backstage Capital launched a $36 million fund that will invest in black female founders. Fortune
  • The LA County Museum of Art and ASU are establishing a program to help develop a new generation of diverse curators, directors and other museum professionals. New York Times

Read the full list and more from Susie Tompkins Buell’s The Risinghere.

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