Most Americans do not know about the successes of Mueller probe. Please forward this video.

Trump, Giuliani, Hannity, and Fox News are pushing the lie that the Mueller probe is a witchhunt that has come up with nothing.

Recent polling indicates that 59% of our fellow Americans are not aware that indictments, criminal charges and guilty pleas are the concrete results of the probe by Robert Mueller.

It is anticipated that later this week the¬†Department of Justice Inspector General’s report will come out attacking Comey. This is all part of a public relations strategy to influence the jury for impeachment — namely the American people who will or will not contact their members of Congress if and when Mueller issues his report on all the misdeeds engaged in by so many people around the 2016 election.

EJS is part of a national coalition called ResistRussia. Sam Waterston, our favorite prosecutor, helped us create this wonderful video.

Please send it out far and wide with your own personal message. The democracy you save might be your own!!!!!

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~ Eva

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