This Week in White Supremacy: Week 34

  1. The NFL is learning the hard way that there’s no appeasing Trump. Vox
  2. What will happen if there is racist chanting at the World Cup? BBC
  3. A new study finds that white Americans are way more likely to support cuts to aid for the poor once you put them in a racist mood. New York Magazine
  4. Melina Abdullah on Twitter: “50% of South LA youth report having been stopped and searched by the police.” @DocMellyMel
  5. Chicago police handcuff 10-year-old after call about Black male with gun. Newsweek
  6. North Carolina Republicans want a constitutional amendment to require ID to vote. Mother Jones
  7. A Honduran father separated from his wife and child suffered a breakdown at a Texas jail and killed himself in a padded cell last month, according to Border Patrol agents and an incident report filed by sheriff’s deputies. Washington Post
  8. The heartache of a migrant boy taken from his father. New York Times
  9. Des Moines DREAMer dies within weeks after being sent back to Mexico’s violence. Des Moines Register
  10. White woman pleads guilty to falsely accusing 2 Black men of rape. The Root
  11. White woman calls police on Black swimmers for not talking to her because she was ‘depressed’. Blavity
  12. Amy Siskind on Twitter: “Zero black judges confirmed under Trump. Zero. Take that in. 88% White and 76% male.”  @Amy_Siskind
  13. Big business and white supremacy: Dreamed up by a segregationist to curb multiracial organizing, “right-to-work” laws continue to bedevil labor. Salon
  14. How racial profiling goes unchecked in immigration enforcement: A Pennsylvania judge heard uncontested evidence that ICE agents violated constitutional rights during an arrest last year, but that wasn’t enough to stop deportation proceedings. ProPublica
  15. Pramila Jayapal meets the 174 asylum-seeking women, many separated from their children, held at SeaTac prison. Seattle Times
  16. The establishing shots of a heist: The Trump DOJ meets the Affordable Care Act. Take Care
  17. James Byrd’s horrifying death still haunts East Texas town two decades later. Dallas News
  18. Bobby Paul Edwards admitted that he used violence, threats, isolation and intimidation to force an intellectually disabled Black cook to work over 100 hours a week without pay for years. New York Times
  19. A woman could face deportation because she cooked and cleaned under threat of death nearly 30 years ago. Mother Jones
  20. The worst place ever’ is ICE’s Etowah County Detention Center in Alabama. Daily Beast
  21. Frantic parents separated from their kids fill courts on the border. Washington Post
  22. Tweet by Senator Jeff Merkley: “Kids in what looked like dog kennels. Children using space blankets as a cushion or cover for privacy. What I saw at the processing center was shocking and heartbreaking. We have to keep speaking out about this inhumane treatment.” @JeffMerkley


Alabama Sheriff Who Took Money Meant For Inmates’ Meals Loses Primary

2018 Tony Award Winner Lindsay Mendez: “When I moved to New York I was told to change my name from Mendez to Matthews or I wouldn’t work.”

The Quiet Rage Of Mazie Hirono

Demos Wins Court Order Blocking Indiana Voter Purge Law

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