Stand up for our Democracy tomorrow at a ‘Confront Corruption’ vigil near you!

The degradation of our democracy has reached a profound new low.

From Trump’s historically disturbing statements in Helsinki, to the 12 new indictments of Russian officials for meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections and the arrest of a Russian over the weekend, to blatant self-dealing, from big money in politics to voter suppression, our democracy is in peril – and it’s up to We the People to fix it.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 18, at sundown, people in cities across the country will hold candlelight “Confront Corruption, Demand Democracy” vigils – to shine a light on our broken system and put forth solutions.

Find or host an action near you:

In a stunning news conference after yesterday’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump refused to say whether he believed his own intelligence agency findings that Russia interfered in the 2016 elections (and continues to interfere in our democracy), or whether he instead believes Putin’s denial.

And every day, many in power further imperil our democracy by putting their mega-donors before their constituents – moving our democracy in the direction of oligarchy – and working to suppress the vote to remain in power.

With our government remaining complicit in the deterioration of American democracy, it’s up to us to demand solutions that restore our faith in the system and amplify our voice in it. Join a Confront Corruption vigil tomorrow, Wednesday evening, and together, let’s do just that.

We are in a dangerous moment. Corruption, self-dealing, voter suppression and secret money in politics have all become normalized. Confront corruption and demand democracy. Because there’s too much at stake to stand by idly.

Nearly 100 “Confront Corruption, Demand Democracy” actions are planned in communities across the country.

On July 18, show the people power behind the fight for democracy, humanity and morality.

Find a July 18 action near you – or if there isn’t one already planned, sign up to host one yourself:


9 thoughts on “Stand up for our Democracy tomorrow at a ‘Confront Corruption’ vigil near you!

    1. We don’t manage the website, but apologies it was not accessible to you. Looks like it was temporary outage due to high traffic, but site works now. And it looks like there is one in Palm Springs.
      July 18, 2018 at 6pm – 8pm
      Mizell Senior Center
      480 S Sunrise Way
      Palm Springs, CA 92262
      Robert Mueller · · 201-787-9075

      1. Heard only yesterday
        None in my area
        Are there plans for more
        If so I will host one.

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