This Week in White Supremacy: Week 42

  1. The GOP is scared of putting John McCain’s name on a building currently named after a segregationist. Slate
  2. Florida’s GOP gubernatorial nominee says a vote for his Black opponent would ‘monkey this up’. CNN
  3. How the Trump administration went easy on small-town police abuses. ProPublica
  4. Vermont’s only Black woman lawmaker pulls out of race in wake of online threats. HuffPost
  5. Phillip Goff on the anniversary of Emmett Till’s murder. @DrPhilGoff
  6. “Texas requires photo ID to vote. Now they’re proposing closing 87 DMV offices where you get ID. 78 counties will have no DMV office. This is same state where you can vote with gun permit but not student ID.” @AriBerman
  7. Nearly every Native American woman in Seattle survey said she was raped or coerced into sex. Seattle Times
  8. Indiana principal apologizes after using N-word during schoolwide assembly. Raw Story
  9. The Tulsa police officer acquitted in the killing of an unarmed Black man is teaching a law enforcement class on surviving a critical incident. Public Radio Tulsa
  10. Serena Williams is being policed for her blackness. CNN
  11. “Betsy DeVos is leading a charge to rescind guidance that protects students of color, students with disabilities, & LGBTQ students from being disproportionately targeted for disciplinary measures in violation of their civil rights.” @NewYorkStateAG
  12. Why racism is so entrenched in the fashion industry. Fast Company
  13. Trump’s election warning is really about ‘scary Black people’. HuffPost
  14. Man admits to burning Black man alive in letter to white supremacists. The Root
  15. S. is denying passports to Americans along the border, throwing their citizenship into question. Washington Post
  16. Muslim woman says TSA forced her to show her menstrual pad during airport screening. HuffPost
  17. Angry white woman throws yard signs and threatens to kill Hispanic neighbors. Newsweek
  18. How did Democrats lose the “Solid South?” New data reveal that racial attitudes explain virtually all of the party’s losses after Civil Rights legislation was passed. American Economic Review


LISTEN: Aretha Franklin’s The Lord Will Make a Way

Teresa Romero, a Mexican immigrant, will be United Farm Workers’ first female president

Andrew Gillum Becomes First African-American Nominee For Florida Governor

Ex-Texas cop guilty of murder for killing unarmed black teen.

Lyft to Offer Free and Discounted Rides to Voters on Election Day

Georgia election officials reject plans to close polls in mostly Black county ahead of midterms

Marines Move to Tackle Racial Extremists in the Corps


Kanye Apologizes for Saying “Slavery Was a Choice”

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