Do you know people in these 7 states?

Manafort’s guilty verdicts and Cohen’s guilty plea changed the political landscape. Polling is indicating that some Trump voters (not the white supremacists) are tiring of the corruption and feel that there should be a check on his power. Brett Kavanaugh is not the person who will provide that.

Five Democrats are still listed as undecided.

  • Donnelly – Indiana
  • Heitkamp – North Dakota
  • Jones – Alabama (Black women put him in the Senate!!)
  • Manchin – West Virginia
  • McCaskill – Missouri

Indivisible also advises that Collins of Maine and Murkowski of Alaska might not vote to confirm.

Please have people in their home states call them. Here is a script you can forward.

Research that startled me, but was verified anecdotally last night at the ACS panel on Kavanaugh, indicates that there are women who are under the thumb of their husbands who have convinced them that the opinions of women are to be dismissed. These women feel that Trump is corrupt but feel that their husbands’ opinions are more valid!!! A woman from Indiana came up to me at the end of the panel and said this is absolutely true. These women are not even allowed to control the remote on their TV’s. Do we ever live in a bubble!

The following video was made with these women in mind. We tried to provide validators so that they could override the influence of their misguided husbands. The video can also be used with all people who live in the seven targeted states.

Please share this video widely.


We stopped Robert Bork from being confirmed in 1987. We can stop Kavanaugh. Dark money is being used to convince us that fighting is futile. RESIST!!!!!

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