This Week in White Supremacy: Week 44

  1. Detention of migrant children has skyrocketed to highest levels ever. New York Times
  2. Nearly 3,000 people died in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. President Donald Trump denied this reality as a hurricane barrels toward the Carolinas. CNN
  3. Eric Trump makes anti-Semitic comments in reference to Bob Woodward’s new book about his father’s White House. HuffPost
  4. Trump administration transferred $9.8 million from FEMA to ICE. NPR
  5. Donald Trump allegedly ordered an architect not to include braille in Trump Tower elevator panels because “no blind people” would live in his building. Newsweek
  6. California transit agency allows ad from Holocaust denial group. The Guardian
  7. Meg K. Guliford: “Even progressive academics can be racist. I’ve experienced it firsthand.” Washington Post
  8. Unprecedented mass denials from a U.S. asylum program leave Christians from Iran stranded in Vienna. LA Times
  9. A far-right party with Nazi roots could sweep to power in Sweden. Daily Beast
  10. As months pass in Chicago shelters, immigrant children contemplate escape, even suicide. ProPublica
  11. Questions remain after Dallas cop charged for fatally shooting Black man in his home. Rolling Stone
  12. Florida schools in anti-bullying program ban dreadlocks and ‘progressive’ hairstyles. HuffPost
  13. Trump administration cuts $25 million in aid for Palestinians in East Jerusalem hospital. NBC News
  14. Australian newspaper defies criticism, reprints Serena Williams ‘racist’ cartoon. Times Live
  15. VIDEO: More than four years later, Flint crisis continues. MSNBC
  16. Two Republican congressmen hobnob with an alleged Holocaust denier. Again. Mother Jones
  17. As nearly a million people hit the road before Hurricane Florence nears the coast, 934 inmates and as many as 119 prison staff were ordered to stay behind despite a mandatory evacuation. The State
  18. Twitter thread on institutional racism. @MimZWay
  19. The San Francisco-based chapter of the Anti-Defamation League issued a community security advisory after anti-Semitic fliers by a far-right group were found posted at or near five East Bay synagogues. J. Weekly
  20. The Republican approach to voter fraud: lie. New York Times


Obama’s full speech on the state of American democracy

3 models with disabilities grace the covers of teen vogue’s September issue

She made the discovery, but a man got the Nobel. A half-century later, she’s won a $3 million prize.

Black Couple Creates Mural For Mississippi School Renamed After Barack Obama

As NFL Season Kicks Off, Civil and Human Rights Group Supports Those Who #KneelAgainstInjustice

Navy Seal Who Killed Osama Bin Laden Has No Issues With Colin Kaepernick & Thinks People Burning NIKE Are Stupid

Election Officials Will Sue Trump Administration Over Subpoenas of Sensitive Voting Records in North Carolina

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