This Week in White Supremacy: Week 46

  1. Hurricane Florence is exposing North Carolina’s racial and geographic inequalities. The Progressive Pulse
  2. A man called police on a Black candidate and her family campaigning in a white neighborhood, suspected them of buying drugs. The Root
  3. West Ouachita student jailed after reportedly putting noose on Black classmate. Monroe News Star
  4. California barbershop owner apologizes for Kaepernick doll hanging from a noose. Newsweek
  5. The Trump administration is proposing a new regulation that would make it extremely difficult for many immigrants to come to the US or receive green cards if they’re deemed likely to use public benefits like food stamps or Medicaid. Vox
  6. Middle Tennessee African-American church vandalized with racist remarks in bibles, including, “we are white and we are watching you, white power”. NC9
  7. Trump officials ‘did not want’ Census survey to ask about sexual orientation. NPR
  8. GOP congressman mocks Kavanaugh allegation, jokes that Ginsburg said Abe Lincoln groped her. NBC News
  9. Newly released memo reveals Secretary of Homeland Security signed off on family separation policy. Open the Government
  10. Writer Edwin Bodney takes aim at gay racism. The Advocate
  11. Detroit police officer fired after he boasts of busting ‘these zoo animals’. HuffPost
  12. New research note finds that racial resentment has shaped White political ideology since at least 1986 AND its effect was increasing substantially *before* the Trump candidacy. @hoosierbluesman
  13. A white school superintendent in Texas who posted online that “you can’t trust a Black quarterback” while talking about Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson is out of a job. NY Post
  14. Gay activist dies in Athens after brutal public beating. NBC News
  15. ICE arrested undocumented immigrants who came forward to take in undocumented children. CNN
  16. Black student activists face penalty in college admissions. The Conversation
  17. African Americans make up just 15% of the workforce employed by the City and County of San Francisco yet comprise 36% of its terminations, and a quarter of all employees released before they complete probation. SF Examiner
  18. Racist photo posted to Snapchat by a student in Tucson featuring a Black teacher’s face pasted over the body of an ape. KOLD
  19. Non-Native man who choked and sexually assaulted Native woman given “pass” by judge – serves no jail time. Native News Online
  20. Tweet by Qasim Rashid, Esq. @MuslimIQ
  21. Campaign sign for New Jersey congressman vandalized with swastikas and racist graffiti. New York Times
  22. Sorority investigated for racism after member was heard saying ‘Black people get away from me.’ BET


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