This Week in White Supremacy: Week 57

  1. Alabama 9-year-old dies by suicide after racist taunts and bullying. NBC News
  2. Trump administration finalizes rollback of school lunch regulations championed by Michelle Obama. ABC News
  3. Despite promises, schools don’t seem to learn lesson on racism. San Francisco Chronicle
  4. GOP confirms another Trump judge who was rated ‘not qualified’ to serve. HuffPost
  5. The new top spokesperson at the Department of Justice comes from the anti-LGBTQ hate group Alliance Defending Freedom. Advocate
  6. Frederica Wilson says she never received an apology from outgoing White House chief of staff John Kelly after he falsely attacked her. Instead, she’s received death threats and nooses in the mail over the past year. Miami Herald
  7. ‘I just love white men’: White man aims racist rant at Columbia students of color. New York Times
  8. “And it was ironic, but not surprising that after @mockingbirdbway – an iconic play abt racism, courage & a civil rts lawyer – that cab 3H52 refused to pick me up, just moments after cab 3J66 passed by @JNelsonLDF to pick up white passengers a few feet away.” @Sifill_LDF
  9. The father of a 13-year-old North Carolina girl who was kidnapped and killed was denied a visa to travel for her funeral. BuzzFeed News
  10. Kevin Hart and the betrayal of Black LGBTQ+ people by straight Black comedians. Media Diversified
  11. Racist paramedic hates some people whose lives depend on him. Washington Post
  12. ICE arrested 170 immigrants seeking to sponsor migrant children. NBC News
  13. “Black woman goes to the Administration for Children’s Services, no seats available, she sits on the floor. Security guard calls cops because she wants to sit and not stand. 3 NYPD officers rip her baby out of her hands and arrest a woman posing no threat to anyone.” @TalbertSwan
  14. Law enforcement thwarts terror attack on Jewish community near Toledo. ADL
  15. The Pathology of Prejudice: What neuroscience tells us about the persistence of hatred. The New Republic
  16. YouTube’s biggest personality promoted an anti-Semite. Right Wing Watch
  17. Police forced woman to give birth while handcuffed. New York Times
  18. “Reminder: Of Trump’s 44 appellate nominations, none are African-American. None are Latino. Only nine are women. At a time when the legal profession has more women and attorneys of color than ever before, Trump’s record on judicial diversity is breathtakingly bad.” @civilrightsorg
  19. VIDEO: Little girl lies to mom about eating cakes and claims a Black man broke in and ate them. @yashar
  20. Ricky Davila on Twitter: “But if he were black or Latin…” Ex-frat president indicted on sex assault charge won’t get jail time or register as sex offender as part of plea deal. @TheRickyDavila
  21. Are Rural Voters the ‘Real’ Voters? Wisconsin Republicans Seem to Think So: A last-minute power grab by state lawmakers draws on an argument as old as the nation. New York Times


snowy day
“Ezra Jack Keats won the 1963 Caldecott Medal. The story follows a black boy playing in the snow. Keats said, ‘It turned my life around. A book with a black kid as hero. Nothing I’d illustrated featured black kids. Now I have him there because he should have been there all along.’” @ava

Jury recommends life in prison plus 419 years for Charlottesville driver James Alex Fields

Sen. Tim Scott writes: “We should stop bringing candidates with questionable track records on race before the full Senate for a vote.”

First Global Women’s Disability Award Aims to Break Stereotypes

In a first, gay Mexican couple has U.S. marriage recognized by Mexico

How Myra Brown became only the third African-American female Catholic priest

102-year-old becomes oldest skydiver in the world while jumping for charity

Supreme Court gives victory to Planned Parenthood in Medicaid case

Farm Bill Deal Eliminates SNAP Work Requirements

Ammon Bundy Is Quitting The Militia Movement After Breaking With Trump On Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

Mariana Souto-Manning becomes first Latinx person to be promoted to Professor in the 80-year history of the Department of Curriculum & Teaching at Columbia University.

Two pilots in wheelchairs create history in UAE

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