This Week in White Supremacy: Week 58

  1. Jakelin Caal, 7-year-old migrant girl taken into Border Patrol custody dies of dehydration, exhaustion. Washington Post
  2. Sidestepping Congress, Trump administration proposes more work rules for food stamps. NPR
  3. Pennsylvania students send racist letters to families: ‘Dear non-U.S. citizens… due to President Trump’s election, people like yourself should leave’. Newsweek
  4. “I just want us to take a moment to sit with that fact that it took three black senators, over 200 attempts, & over 150 years after the Civil War, to pass an anti-lynching bill in the senate. I’m thinking of the families of those killed & how shameful it is that it took this long.” @ClintSmithIII
  5. North Carolina’s Republican-led legislature enacted a new voter ID law on Wednesday, overriding Gov. Roy Cooper’s (D) veto. The Hill
  6. An employee at an Ohio bank called the police on a Black man who’d just started a new job and was trying to cash his check. NY Daily News
  7. Woman arrested after racist tirade in NYC subway. CNN
  8. “When I was down near the border at the Tornillo child prison, one of the most heart-breaking things I saw were children walking single-file and escorted by police officers. They were treated like criminals. This is a tragic stain on our nation.” @JeffMerkley
  9. Prada pulled a collection of figurines that drew comparisons to anti-Black caricatures. Vox
  10. The parents of an unarmed Black teenager who was fatally shot by an East Pittsburgh police officer as he fled a traffic stop are suing the officer’s former employer — the University of Pittsburgh — for failing to properly discipline him or record performance issues in his personnel file. NBC News
  11. Fox News host Tucker Carlson says immigration is making America ‘dirtier’. HuffPost
  12. A 5-month-old girl who traveled with the migrant caravan has been hospitalized with pneumonia after spending five days inside freezing cells operated by border authorities in California. BuzzFeed News
  13. Trump travel ban keeps Yemeni mother from seeing dying 2-year-old in Oakland. San Francisco Chronicle
  14. Startup founders think real progress on diversity is years away. WIRED
  15. A study found that Black, mixed-race, Asian, and Latina women were mentioned in abusive or problematic tweets 34% more often than white women, while Black women specifically were targeted 84% more often than white women. NBC News
  16. The FBI probe that may have cost Andrew Gillum his election no longer appears interested in Andrew Gillum. Slate
  17. Racial justice group testifies that Pennsylvania’s proposed risk assessment tool is racist. Colorlines
  18. Black D.A. kicked off Alabama mall shooting investigation because of old Facebook photo. The Root
  19. House Speaker Paul Ryan pushes for thousands of Irish visas as a nod to his ancestral heritage before leaving office. Politico
  20. VA secretary gave inaccurate answers on pro-Confederate ties during confirmation process. CNN
  21. The Trump administration is resuming its efforts to deport certain protected Vietnamese immigrants who have lived in the United States for decades—many of them having fled the country during the Vietnam War. The Atlantic
  22. Latent prejudice stirs when a Black Man tries to join a Charleston club. New York Times
  23. Tweet by Bryce Tache. @brycetache
  24. Inmate who died in custody had been held since July on $300 bond. KSAT
  25. Russia is exploiting American racism. Newsday
  26. A single GOP congressman is blocking a bill to help abused Native women. HuffPost
  27. How professionals of color say they counter bias at work. New York Times


Barack Obama Paid a Surprise Visit to a D.C. Children’s Hospital as a ‘Stand-In Santa’

Bill to make lynching a federal crime clears Senate for the first time

Indigenous Actor Yalitza Aparicio Is On The Cover Of Vogue Mexico

‘Freedom Farmers’ Tells the History of Black Farmers Uniting Against Racism

Rep-Elect Ayanna Pressley To Get Shirley Chisholm’s Former Congressional Office

Incoming New York attorney general plans wide-ranging investigations of Trump and family

Chief justice of the California Supreme Court leaves the Republican Party, citing Kavanaugh

3 Kansas legislators switch from Republican to Democrat

Time’s Person of the Year Honors Jamal Khashoggi and the Guardians of the Truth

‘Sesame Street’ Introduces First Homeless Muppet

Tyler Perry pays off layaway for 1,500 Walmart customers

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