This Week in White Supremacy: Week 64

  1. When the suffrage movement sold out to white supremacy. New York Times
  2. Blackface: The birth of an American stereotype. NMAAHC
  3. Ralph Northam admits he was in 1984 yearbook photo showing figures in blackface, KKK hood. Washington Post
  4. Northam’s med school banned yearbooks in 2013 due to racist photos. Talking Points Memo
  5. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, second in line to be governor, admits he wore blackface. NBC News
  6. The Republican majority leader of Virginia’s state Senate was the managing editor of a college yearbook featuring photos of people in blackface alongside other racist snapshots and slurs. NY Post
  7. Fox News host Laura Ingraham weighed in on blackface controversies with the suggestion that Broadway hit “Hamilton” culturally misappropriates because Black actors play white historical figures. HuffPost
  8. Gucci is the latest fashion brand to spark a blackface controversy. Vox
  9. When Europeans arrived in the Americas, they caused so much death and disease that it changed the global climate, a new study finds. CNN
  10. The new president of New York’s Metropolitan Republican Club boasted to members about advising a far-right group in Germany that endorses shooting migrants and forgetting the Holocaust, and flirts with Nazis. The Daily Beast
  11. Cindy McCain thought she spotted human trafficking. But there was no crime, police say. New York Times
  12. “Atlanta put all the houseless folks in jail for super bowl weekend. They disappeared them for the sake of preserving the city’s image.” @ClarissaMBrooks
  13. Inmates at New York prison without power for days during polar vortex. Grist
  14. White people calling the police on people of color for simply existing isn’t just annoying. It can be dangerous. Could the solution lie in how 9-1-1 workers dispatch calls? Colorlines
  15. 21 Savage’s arrest proves Trump’s culture war will come for everyone. GQ
  16. LGBT police officers say they’ve faced horrible discrimination, and now they’re suing. USA Today
  17. Liam Neeson’s comments show how racism and denial work hand in hand. Vox
  18. George Zimmerman said he has sold the gun he used to kill unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida in 2012 for $250,000. Reuters
  19. Muslim inmate executed in Alabama after legal battle over imam’s presence. CNN
  20. Sherrod Brown: “This country hasn’t dealt well with issues of race. We have a president who’s a racist.” @resistbot
  21. ICE agents told hundreds of immigrants to show up to court or risk being deported. But lawyers say many of those hearings won’t happen because the dates ICE provided are fake. CBS News
  22. Black man found dead hanging in a cell in the same jail where Sandra Bland died. The Root
  23. Virginia police sergeant suspended after being linked to white nationalism by Antifa group. The Hill
  24. “A black woman in New York City is 12 times more likely to die in childbirth than a white woman. This isn’t an accident—it’s a failure of policy and justice, and one we can’t accept. We have a moral responsibility to right it.” @SenGillibrand


James Baldwin on what Black folks have done to build this country.

New Mexico governor pulls National Guard troops from border

Bipartisan bill would withhold pay for president, lawmakers during shutdowns

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Releases Green New Deal Outline

Baltimore will stop prosecuting marijuana possession

3 Rising Asian-American Actors Cover The Advocate

Candice Payne Got 30 Hotel Rooms for Homeless People in Chicago During Severe Cold Snap

Georgia Air National Guard prepares to deploy its first Black female pilot

Interracial Couples And Disability-Friendly Emoji Coming Soon To Smartphones

‘Black-ish’ Star Marsai Martin Inks First-Look Deal With Universal

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