This Week in White Supremacy: Week 65

Brought to you by the Equal Justice Society

I don’t label my ancestors as “slaves.”
I say they were enslaved.
There is a difference.
– Be A King (@BerniceKing)

  1. Migrant Children Are Being Given To An Adoption Agency Linked To Betsy DeVos – The Intellectualist
  2. Ralph Northam, Mark Herring blackface scandal: NAACP chief weighs in – USA Today
  3. This is the defining issue of this Presidency & of who we are as a nation. We cannot allow this in our names. We need to demand an all of government effort to reunite these children with their families. Every. Last. One. – Joyce Alene (@JoyceWhiteVance)
  4. More It is important that white people find spaces to name their racist failures, the ways they have been both contaminated by and have perpetrated racist acts. – Martha Crawford (@shrinkthinks)
  5. Black and Brown girls should never be strip-searched for being “hyper” and “giddy.” ⁦‪@NAACP_LDF‬⁩ Demands Changes To #Binghamton, NY School District After ‘Unlawful’ Strip Search Of 4 Black And Latina Middle School Girls – Janai Nelson (@JNelsonLDF)
  6. Studies show men found guilty of raping black women receive shorter sentences than men found guilty of raping white women. – Melissa Harris-Perry (@MHarrisPerry)
  7. California police officers are not only killing people of color at disproportionate rates; they are also killing more people than most departments in the country. ACLU (@ACLU)
  8. Overheard my white roommate complain about living around too many POC & how bedstuy wasn’t gentrified enough to her liking. STOP MOVING TO CITIES IF YOU HATE BLACK PEOPLE. – dylan (@dylanthegypsy)
  9. Ralph Northam owes his election to African American voters, and only now does he want to do a crash course on blackness. He fails to understand that this doesn’t look like genuine effort. It looks like an insult to their intelligence. Jamil Smith (@JamilSmith)
  10. Grandma sentenced to prison for helping her ex-boyfriend vote – The Washington Post
  11. The real face of terrorism in America looks like this…almost always. That is not a coincidence. Whiteness (not as in being a person called white, but as in, systemic/ideological whiteness) was built on terror and violence. These folks have learned the culture’s lessons well. – Tim Wise (@timjacobwise)
  12. ‪@ava‬⁩ I have been asked multiple times what it feels like to be on the cover of ⁦‪@TIME‬⁩? My humblest answer is, had u not been guest editor, I would probably never know. For that I am truly grateful and thankful that God put u in my life. I hope the cover inspires many more. #love – Cicely Tyson (@IAmCicelyTyson)
  13. The Real Cost of Being the POC ‘In the Room’ Required to Shut Down Obviously Racist Products – Colorlines
  14. Florida ⁦‪@browardsheriff‬⁩ cop with history of making false arrests harasses, curses at black father calmly holding his baby, repeatedly calls him “boy.” SEE FULL VIDEO AT – Billy Corben (@BillyCorben)
  15. “Eva Ramón Gallegos, a researcher from Mexico National Polytechnic Institute was able to completely eradicate the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in 29 patients. This discovery prevents malignant neoplasm, the second cause of death among Mexican women.” – Ava DuVernay (@ava)
  16. This racist white man called a black employee working at Popeyes the “N” word. Twitter, do your thing & identify this racist. – Simar (@sahluwal)
  17. When I saw that 30% of Americans don’t believe in the holocaust, I finally began to realize why 30-40% of Americans support Trump and consistently watch Fox News. FACTS matter. When you ignore facts you are easily persuaded into following liars.America is better than this! – Brian Krassenstein (@krassenstein)
  18. I just got off a ⁦‪@Delta‬⁩ flight in Arkansas… while waiting on the jetway to issue a complaint to the captain, he grabbed me by my neck and told me to “come here,” shouts at me in front of passengers, **THEN** Calls the POLICE. This is how ⁦‪@Delta‬⁩ treats their Platinum members. – Khaled Beydoun (@KhaledBeydoun)
  19. “Trump has been blessed by God, his skin color is merely the holy spirit flowing through him,” ~former televangelist Jim Bakker – JCrongeyer (@JCrongeyer)
  20. A Timeline of Steve King’s Racist Remarks and Divisive Actions – The New York Time
  21. Where was this video in 2016? “@NowThis on Twitter: “Donald Trump has publicly made racist comments about Native Americans as far back as 1993. – Christopher Bouzy (@cbouzy)
  22. OMG. As ⁦‪@chrislhayes‬⁩ says, this rare moment of clarity reveals Trump’s real agenda: KEEP LATIN AMERICANS OUT OF THE U.S. It’s White Supremacy pure & simple. – Laurence Tribe (@tribelaw)
  23. Parked a couple blocks from the site of the ⁦‪@realDonaldTrump‬⁩ rally in El Paso. [image of RV with Confederate flag] – Bob Moore (@BobMooreNews)
  24. “Black History Month…Day 11!… “New York Post on Twitter: “Katy Perry’s shoes pulled after ‘blackface’ backlash” – Eric Haywood (@EricHaywood)
  25. Please don’t use my father to suggest or assert that respectability cures racism. The white supremacy affirming racist discriminates against Black bodies whether the bodies are in sharp suits or in sagging pants. And my father was assassinated while dressed respectably. – Be A King (@BerniceKing)
  26. Multiple White Supremacist Gang Members among 54 Defendants Charged in RICO Indictment – Justice Department (@TheJusticeDept)
  27. McAllen orders Catholic Charities to vacate immigrant respite center – The Monitor
  28. “Sick! Shame on Wisconsin GOP!” ThinkProgress on Twitter: “Wisconsin GOP blocks Black History Month bill because it honors Milwaukee native Colin Kaepernick – Barbara Arnwine (@barbs73)
  29. A sports store owner who pulled Nike gear after they announced a partnership with ⁦‪@Kaepernick7‬⁩ says his store is going out of business. “As much as I hate to admit this, perhaps there are more Colin Kaepernick supporters out there than I realized.” – Yashar Ali (@yashar)
  30. Missouri restaurant calls cops after waitress gets tired of serving black man’s birthday party – RawStory
  31. White Supremacist Who Killed Black Man to Incite Race War Sentenced to Life in Prison – The New York Times
  32. Trump Judicial Nominees Are Refusing to Endorse Brown v. Board of Education – Mother Jones
  33. Rep. Drew Ferguson, GOP congressman from Georgia, blames Confederate book on staff – The Washington Post


  • Now You Can Stream ‘Eyes on the Prize’ in Full for Free – Colorlines
  • BART Votes Unanimously to Name Street Near Fruitvale Station for Oscar Grant – KQED
  • Back in 1969, my dad was one of the first African Americans to enter the University of Alabama School of Law. 50 years later, there will be a building on the very same campus named after him. – Chris England (@RepEngland70)
  • This immigrant-owned restaurant feeds the homeless and poor for free every single day no questions asked. He treats them as if they were full paying customers! – Caroline Patrickis (@Cpatrickis)
  • To hearken to Jesus’ parable and my father’s explanation of it, we love deeply and do justice when we both serve our neighbors who are in need on Jericho Road and transform Jericho Road (unjust systems). Honoring Kazi Mannan, the owner of this restaurant! – Be A King (@BerniceKing)
  • The first black female pilot Millie Bailey marks 100 years. Pls wish her well. – islandboy (@JumpmanKay)
  • “I’m emotional.… ” [screenshot of Virginia man’s restoration of rights record] – Felonious Munk(@Felonious_munk)
  • Dignity & Power Now on Twitter: “They said we couldn’t do it—but we did it.” Los Angeles Times: In landmark move, L.A. County will replace Men’s Central Jail with mental health hospital for inmates. – Dignity & Power Now (@PowerDignity)
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