This Week in White Supremacy (69): Christchurch and New Zealand are in our hearts

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Christchurch and New Zealand are in our hearts. Our deep condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims of the evil terrorist attack on New Zealand mosques.

  1. Shaun King on Twitter: “The New Zealand Mosque shooter says in his manifesto that he admires Donald Trump because Trump is “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.””
  2. Sameera Khan on Twitter: “When the perps are Muslim, it’s terrorism. When the victims are Muslim, however, it’s a “mass shooting.” The #ChristChurch incident was terrorism. Why the hesitation in calling it one? #Islamophobia
    Terrorism has no religion.”
  3. Michael Skolnik on Twitter: “Christchurch Mosque: White supremacist. Tree Of Life Synagogue: White supremacist. Mother Emanuel AME Church: White supremacist. Oak Creek Sikh Temple: White supremacist. Overland Park Jewish Center: White supremacist. Islamic Center of Quebec City: White supremacist.”
  4. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “This is REALLY important. On American soil, it’s neo-Nazis, the KKK and violent white supremacists who pose the greatest threat. ==> The Hill on Twitter: “Analysis: FBI arrests more domestic terror suspects than international extremists.”
  5. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “Facebook says “white separatism” & “white nationalism” are ok in its platform but “white supremacy” is not ok. This position is indefensible and gives neo-Nazis and white supremacists a platform to incite racial violence. We’re fighting to change this.”
  6. School Holds Slave Auction Selling Black Kids to White Students
  7. American schools can’t figure out how to teach kids about slavery – Vox
  8. Bree Newsome Bass on Twitter: “The term “white collar” is always an allusion to wealth & whiteness. The implication that the crimes of those who wear “white collars” is morally superior to poor criminals is one of many myths of white supremacy that would be laughable were it not rooted in systemic violence.”
  9. Pirates Against Everything on Twitter: “This is about white.… ” ==> Ari Melber on Twitter: “Do defendants ever get a max sentence for financial crimes? It happens. Former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick got the max *28 years* for fraud & bribery His co-conspirator got *21 years* (on a potential 28 max) Unlike Manafort, Kilpatrick expressed remorse at his sentencing hearing.… ”
  10. Maine GOP mayor resigns after calling elderly black people ‘antique farm equipment’ | TheHill
  11. Manafort Judge T.S. Ellis Gave This Jamaican Woman More Time for Similar Crimes
  12. Senate Confirms Trump Court Pick Who Repeatedly Weakened Voting Rights | HuffPost
  13. Dr Elizabeth Sacha Baroness Cohen on Twitter: “I am going to tweet just a little about #ManafortSentencing . Manafort received a sentence that is substantially lighter than the sentencing guidelines recommend. As you may know, I write about sentencing in the larger context of how we use time to transact over power.” [thread]
  14. Her ancestors were enslaved in the U.S. Now a Trump decision could lead to her deportation to Africa. – The Washington Post
  15. Tynisa the Wakandan Shaman Walker on Twitter: “The reality of being a black parent in this country is the constant fear that instead of a cap and gown for your child, you maybe shopping for a coffin. If you cannot understand the mental stress this puts us under you have to be full on ignorant.”
  16. Judge Sentenced To 28 Years In Bribery Scandal : The Two-Way : NPR (reposting story from 2011)
  17. Tim Wise on Twitter: “But some of y’all still out here complaining about affirmative action, meanwhile…FBI accuses wealthy parents, including celebrities, in college-entrance bribery scheme”
  18. Trump administration preparing to close international immigration offices – The Washington Post
  19. Two racist white men brutally attacked a random black man — then drove 18 miles to assault another: prosecutors
  20. Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter: “Just when you thought you’ve seen it all… now we have RACIST AIR. This insanity has to stop.… ” ==> USA TODAY on Twitter: “The air that Americans breathe isn’t equal: Pollution from whites disproportionately affects blacks, Hispanics”
  21. Nazi Fliers Left at California High School Already Reeling From Swastika Photos – The New York Times
  22. Inside 100 million police traffic stops: New evidence of racial bias
  23. NBC News on Twitter: “NYPD’s hate crimes unit is investigating after a poster of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was vandalized with the words “Die Jew” and a swastika.”
  24. Rep. Stacey Plaskett on Twitter: “Today I had to give @SecretaryRoss a brief history lesson on Thomas Jefferson. Our work is never done here on the Hill.…”
  25. Adam Serwer: White Nationalism’s Deep American Roots; a long-overdue excavation of the book that Hitler called his “bible,” and the man who wrote it – The Atlantic
  26. Medicaid work requirements are a throwback to rejected racial stereotypes
  27. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “Facebook and Amazon are helping hate groups fundraise through philanthropy tools hosted on their platforms.”
  28. Amee Vanderpool on Twitter: “Residents born in the District of Columbia are primarily African-American. Wilbur Ross has made no allotment for these citizens, born in DC, to be accounted for in this version of the Census. @StaceyPlaskett repeatedly asks Ross why he intentionally did this and he won’t answer.… ”


  • ‘Insecure’ Producer Amy Aniobi Signs Overall Deal at HBO (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter
  • Why a Detroit man’s new “gardening while black” lawsuit matters – Vox
  • Ole Miss faculty vote to move Confederate monument – The Washington Post
  • Ibram X. Kendi on Twitter: “It’s going down on April 27th and I could not be more excited. Our @AntiracismCtr is hosting the first National Antiracist Book Festival. Check out the incredible lineup of authors! Tickets are going fast so reserve your seats today! #AntiracistBookfest”

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