This Week in White Supremacy (70) | “U.S. racism is a national and global security threat”

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  1. Sherrilyn Ifill on Twitter: “U.S. racism is a national and global security threat.” ==> The Washington Post on Twitter: “New Zealand mosque attacker issued manifesto citing U.S. right-wing extremism as inspiration, police say. Death toll rises to 49.”
  2. Manu Raju on Twitter: “Nadler in NY on Trump and immigration: “This is the same type of propaganda that we heard in the 1920s and World War I against Jews. ‘Jews are bolsheviks. Jews are thieves. Jews are violent.’ That was the propaganda. … Now we’re hearing it against this generation’s immigrants.””
  3. Bree Newsome Bass on Twitter: “Reminder that a Coast Guard Lt. was arrested just weeks ago for planning mass terrorist attack in US to advance the cause of white nationalism, and little has been spoken of it since as the white power structure focused on Rep Omar:”
  4. Qasim Rashid, Esq. on Twitter: “Every single American murdered by extremists in 2018 was murdered by a white supremacist or far right extremist. Every Single One. 100% It isn’t too soon to talk about the toxic role of white supremacy in the New Zealand mosque attack. It’s too late.”
  5. Soledad O’Brien on Twitter: “In case we’re still debating if this is a symbol of white supremacy.… ” ==> Justin Miller on Twitter: “NEW: Christchurch terrorist flashed white power symbol in court.”
  6. Mukhtar M. Ibrahim on Twitter: “How the @DailyMirror covers terrorist attacks when the murderer is Muslim vs. white supremacist. #NewZealandTerroristAttack…”
  7. Trump administration rescinds UNC-Chapel Hill grant to fight violent extremism | Raleigh News & Observer
  8. squirt reynolds on Twitter: “with the attacks in new zealand today, understanding this pyramid is as important as ever. we don’t get to mass murder from nowhere. it’s a ladder…”
  9. Black Editor Who Took Over Alabama Newspaper That Called for K.K.K. to ‘Ride Again’ Steps Down – The New York Times
  10. Leslie Proll on Twitter: “A national leader condemning hate-filled violence & identifying those who are perpetrating it. Something every Member of Congress should do.… ” ==> The Hill on Twitter: “Sen. Cory Booker speaks in Des Moines, IA: “There has been about 80 plus terrorist attacks since 9/11. The majority of them have been right wing extremist groups and the majority of them have been white supremacist groups.”
  11. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “Voter suppression at work again in North Carolina. New voter ID law imposes restrictions on college students—> this time penalizing students who provide their own photo for their school ID.”
  12. Simar on Twitter: “Days after 50 Muslim people were murdered because of their religion in a terror attack, @jess_hilarious had 4 Sikh people kicked off a flight because she was “scared.” I am a Sikh. We must denounce this bigotry & racism. We can do better.”
  13. Karen Boykin-Towns on Twitter: “New Nielsen report supports what black people have been saying for years; black women are everything and they continue to have a major impact on everyone around them. Black Women Are Major Trendsetters Who Influence Mainstream Culture | BLAVITY”
  14. Ava DuVernay on Twitter: “”Mucad Ibrahim was wearing little white socks, the type with grippy stripes on the bottom so that toddlers don’t slip. His shoes were still at the entrance. His big brown eyes, usually alight with laughter, were closed as he was rushed to the ambulance.” ==> Youngest New Zealand shooting victim was 3-year-old boy who ran toward gunman – The Washington Post
  15. Racists in Congress fought statehood for Hawaii, but lost that battle 60 years ago –
  16. Recalling Racist Violence in California | The New York Times
  17. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “In 1975, there were 303 Black students at #Stuyvesant, one of NYC’s elite public schools. Look how the numbers have declined: 1980: 212 /1990: 147 /2000: 109 /2018: 10 /2019: a mere 7 Black students even offered slots This backsliding is indefensible and borderline CRIMINAL.… ”
  18. Mr. Weeks on Twitter: “Illinois just quietly passed a law that makes it a felony to record the police without consent Wtf.”
  19. Dying of Whiteness: In this interview, author Jonathan M. Metzl, a physician and social scientist, talks about traveling through Trump country to find that the politics of “white racial resentment” is poisoning and sickening GOP voters as well as our politics. | Portside
  20. Ryan Knight 🇺🇸 on Twitter: “This video illustrates how the radical right uses guns, religion, and racism to control their voters. It’s incredibly disturbing.”
  21. Self-Driving Cars May Hit People With Darker Skin More Often | Futurism
  22. Virginia Cop Identified As Part Of White Nationalist Group | HuffPost
  23. Amee Vanderpool on Twitter: “I want to know who will be calling for a formal investigation into this death and all deaths of those in your custody.…” ==> CBP on Twitter: “A 40-year-old Mexican national passed away yesterday at Las Palmas Medical Center after being diagnosed with flu-like symptoms, liver failure and renal failure. He was apprehended by Border Patrol agents on March 17. Our condolences go out to his family.”
  24. The New Zealand Shooting and the Great Man Theory of Misery | The New Yorker
  25. The Epidemic of White Supremacist Police – The Appeal
  26. Jemele Hill on Twitter: “I don’t get why it’s so hard to just sit there and enjoy the game.… ” ==> Yahoo Sports NBA on Twitter: “Blake Griffin being called “boy” by a fan is what understandably ignited past altercation.”


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  • Anthony Michael Kreis on Twitter: “CERT DENIED by #SCOTUS in Aloha Bed & Breakfast case where a Hawaii b&b refused to rent to a same-sex couple. Hawaii Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to the state anti-discrimination law.”
  • Could the Utah Jazz Be Turning a Corner? A racist heckle and an unrepentant player, and maybe a light of progress | The Nation
  • I disagreed with Obama. But what Trump has done makes those differences insignificant. – The Washington Post

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