This Week in White Supremacy #77 | Trump Jokes With Rally-Goer Who Said Migrants Should Be Shot

While the audience laughed at the insinuation of shooting migrants at the border Wednesday night, the suggestion was made by the president not too long ago. Days before the November 2018 midterms, Trump suggested that migrants could be shot at the border if they throw rocks. ~ Lizzie Helmer on

  1. Trump Jokes With Rally-Goer Who Said Migrants Should Be Shot
  2. People in Alabama Prisons Are Shackled to Buckets for Days on End
  3. Only two percent of teachers are black men, yet research confirms they matter — The Undefeated
  4. Arthur Delaney on Twitter: “Chuck Grassley said he got ACORN’s tax returns for “legislative purposes,” but Dems want Trump’s for “political purposes.” “It’s black and white.” Former ACORN exec Bertha Lewis agrees: “We were black and they were white.”
  5. Co-workers keep mixing up people of color in the office. It’s more than a mistake. – The Washington Post
  6. She’s Asian and female. But she’s not me. – The Washington Post
  7. Jackie Beatty on Twitter: “I’ve never seen students use the passive voice more than when they write about slavery. Slaves “were bought”; they “were treated as property”; they “were brutalized.” The perpetrators of these actions are invisible. And I’m not blaming them. We just have a lot of work to do.”
  8. Jeff Merkley on Twitter: “I’m heartbroken that another child has died while in U.S. custody. The boy was at the same Texas facility that turned me away when I tried to view the conditions inside. I’ve called on HHS for an immediate investigation. These places should NEVER exist in our America.”
  9. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “In Tennessee, the Speaker’s Chief of Staff allegedly exchanged messages w/ racial slurs and his office may have been engaged in a scheme to frame a Black activist. It’s in this toxic environment that lawmakers adopted a new voter suppression measure. We’re suing to stop them!”
  10. 4 Little Girls Died In The 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing In 1963. A 5th Survived | Here & Now
  11. John Kelly joins board of Caliburn International, company operating largest unaccompanied migrant children shelter – CBS News
  12. Rope hangs in Mississippi courtroom; history, noose knot questioned
  13. Principal on leave for saying non-citizens would be barred from White House field trip – The Washington Post
  14. The science divide: Why do Latino and black students leave STEM majors at higher rates? – The Washington Post
  15. Florida felons’ voting rights would be limited by bill approved by legislature – The Washington Post
  16. Nat Turner’s slave rebellion ruins are disappearing in Virginia – The Washington Post
  17. Who Covers ‘Game Of Thrones,’ ‘Avengers’? Black Writers Are Left Out | News One
  18. A Louisiana Court Is Trying to Silence Black Lives Matter’s DeRay Mckesson | The Nation
  19. Pregnant, mentally ill woman gives birth alone in Broward County jail, attorney says – The Washington Post
  20. Jenny Mollen, Jason Biggs, and How Race and Class Shape the Aftermath of Childhood Accidents :: Politics :: Child Welfare :: Paste
  21. Arya Stark’s Finishing Move on Twitter: “Mind you a black women who used a babysitter’s address to send her children to a better school is serving time.… ”
  22. The Danger of Debating Reparations for Slavery – WSJ
  23. Georgia mayor under fire for alleged remarks about black job candidate
  24. Red Sox Divided on Racial Lines by White House Visit – The Atlantic
  25. DeliaChristina on Twitter: “But somehow this man sized can of Chef Boy R Dee will say he was ‘afraid’ of this skinny black girl and her mouth, and will say her mouth was ‘resisting’ arrest and that’s why he had to fling her into the air & body slam her to the ground because he has a small & he’s fragile”
  26. Rep. John Lewis Admits He’s Less Hopeful in 2019 Than He Was During the Civil Rights Era
  27. Nearly half of white Republicans say it bothers them to hear people speaking foreign languages – The Washington Post
  28. Only4RM on Twitter: “Trump promises more hurricane relief for Florida Panhandle – WHILE LYING ABOUT RELIEF ALREADY PROVIDED TO PUERTO RICO.”
  29. [THREAD] Judith Browne Dianis on Twitter: “As a cop was behind me for 10 miles my way to drop my 16yo daughter at school I was once again faced with anxiety. I dropped my visor so he couldn’t stop me for the crack in the window. My kid said he’s driving kind of close. I agreed. I made sure I wasn’t going over the speed”


  • How to Explain the Holocaust in One Simple Statistic, Plus: The surprisingly good news about Muslims and Jews in America
  • Opinion | The Royal Baby and Blackness as a Badge of Honor – The New York Times
  • Beacon Press: A More Beautiful and Terrible History: The Uses and Misuses of Civil Rights History – “A bracing corrective to a national mythology” (New York Times) that has been created about the civil rights movement

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