Op-Ed by Jesse Aguilar: ‘Lack of Teacher Diversity Hurts Our Students’

In an op-ed published by South Kern Sol, California Teachers Association board member Jesse Aguilar discusses how the lack of teacher diversity in the Kern High School District is hurting all students and especially students of color.

“I have seen the dynamics of race play out in every classroom and in every principal’s office over the last 24 years as a teacher in the Kern High School District,” writes Jesse. “The history of racism runs deep in our country, and although none of us caused it, we all have a responsibility to acknowledge it still exists, to address it, and to remedy its present-day manifestations.” Read the op-ed here.

Jesse authored the op-ed with support from EJS Motley Fellow Yoana Tchoukleva. EJS is part of a settlement with the Kern High School District, the first of its kind in California, in which the District agreed to implement major policy changes to reduce the disproportionate suspensions, expulsions and involuntary school transfers of African American and Latino students.

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