This Week in White Supremacy #78 | Overlooked No More: Barbara Johns and Brown v. Board

[Good News] The New York Times: Barbara Johns would achieve more than she had hoped: She would help change the entire education system in the United States by taking part in one of five cases that would be consolidated into Brown v. Board of Education, the landmark 1954 Supreme Court case in which the justices unanimously ruled that racial segregation in schools was unconstitutional.

  1. Max Howroute on Twitter: “JUST IN: ATF raiding the white supremacist’s home in the Holmby Hills. Hundreds of weapons laid out.”
  2. BBC Radio Host Danny Baker Fired For Tweet Comparing Royal Baby to Chimp
  3. Turning Point USA President Removed Over White Power Video
  4. Ordeal of Woman Who Gave Birth in Florida Jail Cell Prompts Internal Investigation – The New York Times
  5. Weeksville, a Haven for Free African-Americans Before the Civil War, Is Fighting for Survival – The New York Times
  6. Yes, white supremacists are emboldened. But that’s not the whole story in America today. – The Washington Post
  7. School bus driver dragged biracial student because of his ‘racial animus,’ lawsuit says – CNN
  8. Serena Williams Highlights How Hospitals Kill Black Mothers | Bitch Media
  9. Before Trump’s purge at DHS, top officials challenged plan for mass family arrests – The Washington Post
  10. The Fight for Voting Rights in Florida Isn’t Over | The New Yorker
  11. Racism in school: Black girls punished more harshly than white girls
  12. Exclusive photos reveal children sleeping on the ground at Border Patrol station – CNNPolitics
  13. Joe Scarborough on Twitter: ““David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader, who participated in the Charlottesville rally, called it a “turning point” for his own movement, which seeks to “fulfill the promises of Donald Trump.”
  14. German biscuit heiress accused of downplaying use of forced labor under Nazi rule | TheHill
  15. The U.S. has slashed its refugee intake. Syrians fleeing war are most affected. – The Washington Post
  16. Unita Blackwell, First Black Woman Elected Mayor in Mississippi, Dies At 86 – Essence
  17. NLGSF Immigration Committee Condemns Appointment of Torture Collaborator Nicolas R. Ford to San Francisco Immigration Court –


  • Overlooked No More: Barbara Johns, Who Defied Segregation in Schools
    At 16, Johns led a strike by the student body that ultimately became one of five court cases consolidated into Brown v. Board of Education.  – The New York Times
  • S. Lee Merritt, Esq. on Twitter: “#CrystalMason, the TX woman sentenced to 5 years for voting, has been released from prison! The ACLU and Texas Civil Rights project is helping her appeal her conviction. She needs your help!”
  • News Flash: Asian American Woman Is New Leader at Elite Law Firm | The Recorder
  • Big Blue Wave on Twitter: “#blackisbeautiful #BlackGirlMagic #SaturdayThoughts for the first time EVER the West Point class of 2019 contained 32 beautiful women such a great accomplishment! CONGRATULATIONS!”

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