This Week in White Supremacy #79 | School Segregation on the Rise 65 Years after Brown v. Board of Education

School segregation is on the rise 65 years after the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional in the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case, according to Gary Orfield, a professor at UCLA and the co-founder of The Civil Rights Project, explaining how Supreme Court decisions made in the 1990s caused schools to start becoming resegregated.

  1. School segregation on the rise 65 years after Brown v. Board of Education – CBS News
  2. AJ+ on Twitter: “A Pennsylvania school district did a shooting safety drill with a teacher dressed in an Arab headscarf, or kaffiyeh. It says it was part of a “costume” not meant to represent a specific culture. Local Muslim groups called it “appalling.” (Image: Penn-Trafford School District)”
  3. Illinois school to reprint yearbooks over possible white supremacist symbols
  4. Trump should spend more fighting hate crimes and white supremacy, critics say – The Washington Post
  5. Opinion | I Was Racially Taunted on Television. Wasn’t I? – The New York Times
  6. Opinion: Trump banishes Harriet Tubman to the back of the bus – WHYY
  7. How Rich White Men Win When Abortion Restrictions Become Law – Rolling Stone
  8. Revealed: How white supremacists terrorised New Zealand for decades | Newshub
  9. Conservatives’ Real Fight Is for the Future of the Family: As misogyny and white supremacy are making a frightening comeback, conservatives have been emboldened to relitigate basic assumptions about women’s equality. | The Nation
  10. U.S. ill-equipped to fight domestic terror
  11. Kenidra4Humanity on Twitter: “This infuriates me. Here’s a black college student minding his own business when a Colorado cop racially profiled him. Black men can’t even go outside and pick up trash without being seen as a criminal. This is Amerikkka.… ”
  12. Cato Institute on Twitter: “Harriet Tubman fought enormous injustice and promoted human liberty. She exhibited courage in fighting and breaking unjust laws, and took the lead in putting her views into action. She deserves to be on the $20 bill.”


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