This Week in White Supremacy #88 | Texas Sentenced Crystal Mason to Five Years in Prison for Trying to Vote

From the ACLU via W. Kamau Bell: Crystal Mason thought she had the right to vote. Texas sentenced her to five years in prison for trying. The case of this Texas mother is a window into how the myth of voter fraud is being weaponized to suppress the vote.

  1. W. Kamau Bell on Twitter: “Texas wants to put Crystal Mason in prison for 5 years for voting in an election that she wasn’t eligible to vote in, EVEN THOUGH her vote WASN’T COUNTED. AAAAAND NO ONE TOLD HER that she wasn’t allowed to vote. AAAARGH! Read & share her story from @ACLU.” / Twitter
  2. Congress Helped Thousands of People Get Out of Prison Early. But Many of Them Will Probably Be Deported Right Away. | Mother Jones
  3. Ken Olin on Twitter: “If he acts like a Nazi, Sounds like a Nazi, And Germany’s top magazine calls him a Nazi…”
  4. Sister Helen Prejean on Twitter: “It gets deadly hot inside prisons during summer months. Officials often claim it’s too expensive to install air conditioning — not true. Texas spent $7 million defending a lawsuit over lack of A/C at one prison only to later admit that it would cost just $4 million to install.” / Twitter
  5. Rep. Diana DeGette on Twitter: “The Trump admin’s new “expedited removal” rule should terrify us all. It will allow ICE officers to approach ANYBODY in the U.S. (w/o probable cause) & demand they prove they’re a citizen or have been in the US for 2 years. If they can’t, they’re deported. No trial, no hearing.” / Twitter
  6. NowThis on Twitter: “Footage shows the devastating moment ICE agents broke through a man’s window and detained him while his two young kids were in the car” / Twitter
  7. Oakland’s homeless population increased by 47 percent in two years | KRON4


  • U.S. District judge in San Francisco halts Trump’s asylum ban — for now. U.S. District Court Judge Jon Tigar in San Francisco halted enforcement of the Trump administration’s latest restrictions on political asylum, hours after another judge in Washington, D.C., left the new policy intact. It’s a decision that likely will be appealed.-
  • W. Kamau Bell on Twitter: “Information on how to support the Native Hawaiians who are protecting Mauna Kea. We learned about this on #UnitedShades Season 3. ” / Twitter

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