This Week in White Supremacy, Week 97: Congressman Al Green at Oakland Town Hall on Trump Racism on Oct. 19

A town hall organized by the Equal Justice Society on October 19 at the Oakland Marriott will feature speakers including Congressman Al Green, Nakia Woods of Black Alliance for Just Immigration, Prof. Bill Ong Hing, Dorsey Nunn of Legal Services for Prisoners with Children, and Linh Nguyen of Indivisible. The town hall, which will also feature cultural performances to inspire and uplift, is free and open to the public, but we request attendees register in advance.

  1. The Trump Administration Moves to End Asylum Claims at the Southern Border | The New Yorker

  2. US Customs Officer Harasses Defense One Journalist at Dulles Airport – Defense One

  3. jelani cobb on Twitter: “Walked into the Jamaican spot yesterday and stood in line behind to black cops. One of them says “She shoulda got 20 years, 10 is too light.” Other says “You ever see a judge hug one of us after being convicted of murder?” I was *shocked* to hear NYPD, even black ones say that.” / Twitter

  4. Mosby lists 25 Baltimore police officers as discredited; prosecutors begin wiping out 790 convictions – Baltimore Sun

  5. Oliver Willis on Twitter: “Trump White House hosts Candace Owens at “Black Leadership” summit to say white supremacy is not a problem, but “liberal supremacy” is. Owens has made pro-Hitler comments in the past.

  6. Sanda Blue on Twitter: “#Floriduh justice. Ya don’t think that in a Stand Your Ground state, where the number of homicides of black people have soared and been deemed lawful, her race had anything to do with it, do ya?

  7. Eric Haywood on Twitter: “Never underestimate the power of a white woman’s weaponized tears

  8. PopulismNeverEndsWell on Twitter: “And you only get one guess what color this honest kid’s skin is.

  9. Trump admin wants to require immigrants to get health insurance – Axios

  10. Sanjee Baksh on Twitter: “My building has a gym that I use pretty regularly. This morning a white resident told me that staff aren’t allowed to use the gym, didn’t believe me when I told her I live here, and then called the manager on me. Being a POC in America is exhausting.” / Twitter

  11. Trump Escalates Anti-Semitic Rhetoric Amid Impeachment Calls

  12. Gymnastics championships: Simone Biles penalized for being too good

  13. Slavery at Thomas Jefferson’s University of Virginia: Students who beat and raped enslaved servants went unpunished – The Washington Post

  14. wikipedia brown ||| abolish ICE. on Twitter: “if non-Black people really thought about how it feels for us to know Botham Jean was murdered by an agent of the state in his home for no reason & that those charged with assessing the actions of his killer coddled her at every turn, you’d applaud us just for getting up each day.” / Twitter

  15. Black Woman State Trooper Files Explosive Discrimination Lawsuit in Michigan, Exposing Police Brutality

  16. @CjHo1mes on Twitter: “my teammate got this in the mail today, and tbh Im at a lost for words.. I also have locs, Tats, and NFL dreams too, these messages can not be tolerated, this was extremely inappropriate, racially biased, and selfish to feel like you even have a right to send this message #WeAre

  17. Texas Civil Rights Project on Twitter: “BREAKING: We just heard the terrible news that all 12 of our clients escorted by @JulianCastro were sent back to Mexico. This is of course a mockery of due process. Here is our statement on the matter: #LetThemIn” / Twitter

  18. Sherrilyn Ifill on Twitter: “ICYMI: We’re calling for an immediate independent investigation of the murder of #JoshuaBrown, who testified for the prosecution in the case against police ofcr Amber Guyger for the murder of #BothamJean.

  19. Clint Smith on Twitter: “This isn’t a new observation, but every time I see the logo of Washington’s football team I find it more and more unconscionable that it’s allowed to exist.” / Twitter

  20. Joshua Brown, Witness in Amber Guyger Trial, Was Killed in a Drug Deal, Police Say – The New York Times

  21. Jeff Seldin on Twitter: “@SenatorBurr @MarkWarner @tedcruz @marcorubio Per Senate Intel Committee report, most targeted group of Americans were African-Americans: “By far, race and related issues were the preferred target of the information warfare campaign designed to divide the country in 2016…”

  22. Justice Department Says Rights Law Doesn’t Protect Gays – The New York Times

  23. S. Lee Merritt, Esq. on Twitter: “The State knew Joshua Brown didn’t want to testify due to concerns for his safety. He flew to California when the trial began. They threatened him with jail if he didn’t return. He went straight from the airport to the court. Dallas County has a duty to protect him. They failed.

  24. Elie Mystal on Twitter: “We need a Department of Justice investigation into Joshua Brown’s murder, only we can’t ask for one because Bill Barr has shown himself to be entirely corrupt and untrustworthy. And that means there is literally no “law enforcement” official who can be trusted by anybody black.” / Twitter

  25. The Atlantic on Twitter: “Over the past few years, lawyers have reported a surge in naturalized Americans being stripped of their citizenship—a phenomenon that’s antithetical to the Fourteenth Amendment, argues the law professor Amanda Frost:

  26. ABC News on Twitter: “Montgomery, Alabama, once known as the cradle of the Confederacy and later the birthplace of the civil rights movement, has elected Steven Reed as its first African American mayor in the city’s 200-year history.

  27. Franklin Leonard on Twitter: “On Yom Kippur… => Germany: mass shooting attempt that killed two was antisemitic attack, minister says | World news | The Guardian

  28. Janai Nelson on Twitter: “The family of #JoshuaBrown calls for an independent investigation of his murder.

  29. Chris Hayes on Twitter: “A truly remarkable photo, particularly when you compare it to what the services look like at the ground level.

  30. Wes Blankenship on Twitter: “No foam tomahawks in seats here for game 5 of #NLDS at SunTrust Park. @Braves are reportedly reconsidering in-game ‘chop’ activities after @Cardinals Ryan Helsley’s comments that the chant was a “disappointment”and “disrespectful” to his Cherokee heritage.

  31. Mimi Rocah on Twitter: “Desecration of a holocaust memorial in Westchester County, NY on Yom Kippur. Swastikas recently written in multiple schools in Westchester. Hate is everywhere right now. Law enforcement, elected officials & educators need to speak out & take action.

  32. Portland DoubleTree $10 million lawsuit: A hotel called police on a black guest for ‘loitering.’ – The Washington Post

  33. The Supreme Court’s next Shelby County: The courts are preparing to gut the Voting Rights Act again.

  34. Colorlines: Research Reveals High Levels of Radiation in Navajo Women Stemming From Cold War


  • Diahann Carroll paved the way for Olivia Pope – The Washington Post

  • The Shimmering Magnificence of Jessye Norman | The New Yorker

  • [Video of Ayaan] Yashar Ali on Twitter: “That’s it…I’m having kids.

  • Delta’s WING Program Helps Close Gender Divide In Aviation

  • Francis Ford Coppola’s Restored The Cotton Club Fixes a Historic Hollywood Mistake | Vanity Fair

  • Janai Nelson on Twitter: “This is what supporting our own institutions looks like. => Morehouse College on Twitter: “Here is video from today’s surprise announcement. Oprah Winfrey donated $13 million to continue the Oprah Winfrey Scholarship Program, pushing her total investment to $25 million, which is the largest endowment in the College’s history.

  • Reginald Dwayne Betts’s Poetry After Prison | The New Yorker

  • Jesse Ferguson on Twitter: “There were 3 Capitals of the Confederacy 1. Montgomery (AL) 2. Richmond (VA) 3. Danville (VA) As of last night, all three cities have African American Mayors” / Twitter

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