This Week in White Supremacy #99: Prof. Jennifer Richeson First African American to Receive Career Trajectory Award from Society of Experimental Social Psychology

Alexandria West on Twitter: “A BIG congratulations to Jennifer Richeson for receiving The Career Trajectory Award from SESP today, becoming the first Black individual to ever receive this award. As a biracial bicultural social psychologist, your speech meant so much! #StandingOvation @jaricheson @SESPcon

This week, we’re starting with the Good News first!

  • Jenny Holmes on Twitter: “Today I had the amazingly moving experience of telling a client that after years of being barred from voting, she can cast a ballot in the upcoming election! Time to expand that outcome to the rest of Florida’s returning citizens as #Amendment4 intended. #imnotcryingyourecrying” / Twitter

  • Julie Ebenstein on Twitter: “BREAKING: Florida federal court holds that the right to vote cannot be denied based on a person’s inability to pay fines and fees! #Amendment4” / Twitter

  • Molly Jong-Fast on Twitter: “Hillary Clinton chooses not to share a stage with the lady who jails the kids.” / Twitter

  • Rebecca J. Kavanagh on Twitter: “In 1946 Monroe Georgia, a mob of 30 White men lynched 4 young African American men and women. Despite a grand jury hearing evidence from more than 100 witnesses, no one was ever indicted. Now, a court may rule that those grand jury transcripts be unsealed.

  • Astronaut Stephanie Wilson is the voice of Mission Control for the all-female spacewalk – CNN

  • Martha S. Jones, JD, PhD on Twitter: ““… it appears Mr. Cummings may be the first African-American lawmaker to lie in state in the Capitol.”” / Twitter

  • Hundreds of Doctors to March to White House to Demand End to Trump Administration’s ‘Inhumane’ Treatment of Migrants

  • Their Land Became Part of Central Park. They’re Coming Back in a Monument. – The New York Times

  • NewsHour’s Gwen Ifill memorialized with USPS Forever stamp | PBS NewsHour

  • Princeton seminary will pay $27M in slavery reparations –

  • Madison Security Guard Marlon Anderson Will Get His Job Back

  • Ari Berman on Twitter: “House Judiciary Committee just passed Voting Rights Advancement Act, bill to restore & expand Voting Rights Act. This is big first step to strengthening historic civil rights law SCOTUS gutted” / Twitter

  • NativeAmericanSoul on Twitter: “Native American Pride. What Tribe are you from?” / Twitter

And now the news related to white supremacy:

  1. [thread] Karen Attiah on Twitter: “How careless white America has been with black pain. The same careless spirit that allows Trump to compare lynching to a constitutional process. The same spirit that sees slave plantations as romantic venues. That spirit that loves black forgiveness after white violence.” / Twitter

    “Trump’s lynching comments exemplify white America’s carelessness w/ the black experience in the country. The same carelessness oozed out of Joe Biden when — in a response to a question about slavery — implied that black families need social workers to help raise their kids.” / Twitter

    “And then I think again, it’s not white America’s carelessness with black pain. White America enjoyed it. Cultivated black pain. Lychings were entertainment. Sadistic public spectacles. White people even made photos and postcards of lynchings as souvenirs.” / Twitter

    “The spirit of white supremacy interplays delicately with Victimhood. White America will harm us in the form of media commentary, racist policies, and pop culture representations… Then turn around and call black folks an angry Twitter mob when we use social media to resist.” / Twitter

    “When black people warned about the dangers of Trump, its because we knew what America is capable of. That America’s institutions have been used to shield those who have caused enormous harm to the marginalized groups in this country. We knew. We knew. We knew.” / Twitter

    “White America and its media will have to reckon with the fact that Trump (and Trump supporters’) attacks on Muslims, immigrants, refugees, black people was and is shocking, titillating, amusing, grotesque — but not disqualifying. His abuses have become public spectacles.” / Twitter

    “For almost 4 years we have watched Trump and his enablers rhetorically and politically lynch and abuse the vulnerable both and home and abroad. Some parts of America have been watching in horror. Others have been watching with glee. But we’ve all just stood by, watching.” / Twitter

  2. Blues and Abstract Truth on Twitter: “WTF from the classroom: today gave a lecture on the white supremacist systems of Jim Crow & Apartheid. Showed a docu which featured a young Nelson Mandela, I paused & asked if they knew him, no one did. I revealed he was Nelson Mandela & half the class hadn’t heard of him. Laawd!” / Twitter

  3. Maya Wiley on Twitter: “#AOC is an extremely effective interrogator & elevates the concerns we should have about #white supremacy on social media. #ZuckerbergTestimony” / Twitter

  4. The Smithsonian’s Black-History Museum Will Always Be a Failure and a Success | The New Yorker

  5. The Student Vote Is Surging. So Are Efforts to Suppress It. – The New York Times

  6. ICE Deleted Surveillance Video Of A Transgender Asylum-Seeker Who Died In Its Custody

  7. So you want to talk about lynching? Understand this first. – The Washington Post

  8. Ethical Society of Police – ESOP on Twitter: ““Officer Ray Villalvazo reported Murrietta looked at him and reached for his waistband, so he feared for his life.” This is an officer with a warrior mentality that murdered a 16-year-old because he lost a foot pursuit. Running from the police shouldn’t be a death sentence.” / Twitter

  9. Jon Cooper on Twitter: “ALERT: @FBI, have you seen this? == Right Wing Watch on Twitter: “Rick Wiles warns that if Trump is removed from office, veterans, cowboys, mountain men, and “guys that know how to fight” will hunt down Democrats and kill them.

  10. [thread] Megan Ming Francis on Twitter: “After having spent the last 15yrs researching the violent history of lynchings in America…Im still not recovered from POTUS tweet yesterday However, I will say this: it is dangerous. Fraudulent fears of violence against whites were often used to *support* #lynchings of AfAms” / Twitter

  11. The Tennessee Holler on Twitter: “NEW: “We got a QUEER running for President… the white man has very few rights.” Watch @SevierCounty Commissioner Warren Hurst’s homophobic, bigoted outburst Monday, telling folks to “wake up”. Mayor’s office: 865-453-6136 Hurst: 865-453-8513 WVLT:

  12. US takes step to require DNA samples from asylum-seekers –

  13. Rescuing Native Americans From the Imaginative Prison of the Past – The New York Times

  14. Ibram X. Kendi on Twitter: “A lynching! A lynching? I’m thinking about the lies, the kidnapping, the rope, the torture, the cheering crowd, the death portrait, the people walking away with body parts of my ancestor. THAT IS WITNESSING A #LYNCHING. The audacity of this White male supremacist.” / Twitter

  15. brittany packnett cunningham on Twitter: “I want you all to read “Lynch Law” by Ida B. Wells, the Black woman activist who forced America to reckon with her own racial terror, to understand why #lynching is not a term to toss haphazardly.

  16. Trymaine Lee on Twitter: “This yr marks the 100th anniv. of the Red Summer of 1919, when hundreds of African Americans were lynched and murdered across the country. Thousands more would follow. Lynching was used to beat Black people as far back into slavery as possible. The president is not being lynched.

  17. Opinion | Eyewitness to the Desolation of ‘Black Wall Street’ – The New York Times

  18. Abby D. Phillip on Twitter: “Trump knows what a lynching is & what it means in this country. And the fastest way to create a cycle of controversy is to invoke the county’s deepest & darkest racial wounds for his own ends. It should be called out, but let’s stay focused on the facts.” / Twitter

  19. jordan on Twitter: “I can’t emphasize enough how increasingly common “civil war” and “armed conflict” rhetoric is becoming among right-wing talking heads

  20. Trump’s Asylum Ban Could Apply Retroactively to Thousands of Migrants Even Though Officials Promised It Wouldn’t — ProPublica

  21. These unhinged far-right Christian fundamentalists believe God killed Elijah Cummings for opposing Trump: ‘Don’t mess with the Great White Hope’ –

  22. The bitter harvest of Richard Bibb: A descendant of slavery confronts her inheritance

  23. ‘Watchmen’ and The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre that No One Remembers

  24. ‘Watchmen’: The Making of the Tulsa Race Massacre Opening

  25. Vanita Gupta on Twitter: “”They noted in the complaint that African Americans comprise 4% of Minnesota’s voting age population, but account for 20% of the total number of disenfranchised people not in prison.” Important new voting rights lawsuit in Minnesota. Thank you, @ACLUMN.

  26. Brian Steven Smith Indicted In Murder Of Another Alaska Native Woman

  27. Latest ADL Data: At Least 12 White Supremacists Arrested For Plots, Attacks & Threats Against Jewish Community Since The Deadly Pittsburgh Shooting

  28. Feds Admit 1,250 More Immigrant Children Were Separated From Parents

  29. HUD officials knowingly failed ‘to comply with the law,’ stalled Puerto Rico hurricane relief funds

  30. Marine combat veteran who served in Iraq facing deportation to El Salvador

  31. Cherry Hill school district rejects a Philly businessman’s offer to wipe out students’ lunch debts

  32. Tim Wise on Twitter: “Today’s reminder of what country we live in: Mississippi installed the 4th version of an Emmett Till memorial marker. This one is bulletproof. I’ll leave it to your imagination as to why, and what happened to the first three.” / Twitter

  33. Local 4 WDIV Detroit on Twitter: “An African American security guard told a student to stop calling him the N-word. It cost him his job.

  34. AP: Migrant children may be adopted after parents are deported without notifying their deported parents | TheHill

  35. Detained Mexican Immigrant Dies After Officials Wait Hours To Transfer Him To A Hospital

  36. Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II on Twitter: “Trump describing ethnic cleansing as a school yard fight b/w Turks & Kurds is more white nationalism. To him, they are just juvenile people of color, not real nations or informed adults like us. If they kill each other, it’s alright.” / Twitter

  37. Fatherless Son on Twitter: “This is from the president of Small Business Consultants of Ohio.” / Twitter

  38. Fox News Apologizes for Confusing John Lewis for Elijah Cummings

  39. Trump judicial nominee faces another setback – POLITICO

  40. @kingsrush on Twitter: “Amid all this recent drama in the White House, please don’t forget: Hundreds of brown kids are crying themselves to sleep in some detention center, wondering where their moms and dads are. #FuckTrump #CloseTheCamps #ChildrenInCages” / Twitter

  41. [thread] McKay Smith on Twitter: “1) In June of 1945, after the war with Germany had ended, an American Army officer in Frankfurt moved into an abandoned apartment and did what he could to make it livable. Opening a closet door, he discovered an album of photographs. ==> “According to what he could read of the captions and see of the photos, he wrote, the images appeared to depict “activities in and around Auschwitz, Poland.”

  42. Critical Resistance on Twitter: “The SF jail system represents the grave racial and economic disparities of the city. 56% in the jail are Black, almost 40% are houseless, over 30% are in need of mental health care, and 25% are youth under aged 25. #Shutdown850” / Twitter

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