This Week in White Supremacy #100: A Special Message from Eva Paterson

Welcome to the 100th edition of This Week in White Supremacy. We started this weekly email on September 8, 2017, as part of our fight against white supremacy. Hitting this milestone of 100 editions isn’t bittersweet. It’s just bitter.

TWIWS started with a desire to call out white supremacy wherever we saw it. I read a tweet saying that if you wanted to know what you would have done in the early days of Nazi Germany, then look at what you’re doing now.

In February 2018, Otis R. Taylor Jr. at the San Francisco Chronicle covered TWIWS in an article “This Week in White Supremacy tracks battle for racial justice.” TWIWS has “become a weekly reminder of the racism that exists in this country — and that has been exacerbated by the current president of the United States,” wrote Otis.

When we started TWIWS, the white supremacist march in Charlottesville was still fresh in our consciousness, Trump ordered an end to DACA, and Hurricane Maria was weeks away from devastating Puerto Rico (although we did not know it at the time).

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a resolution establishing the procedures for the impeachment inquiry. EJS is calling for articles of impeachment based on Trump’s racism. President Andrew Johnson was impeached for racism. Trump should be as well.

We know too well that removing Trump won’t be the end of white supremacy. The fight will go on. And EJS will remain that fight.

Thank you for reading TWIWS. Here’s this week’s edition.

~ Eva

  1. The Root on Twitter: “We have one wish for this #Halloween season: DON’T! DO! BLACKFACE! Don’t be the person who is culturally insensitive, & inappropriate. If you have to alter the color of your skin to portray ANY person/character (& they aren’t a Pokemon), you’re wrong. Do Better!

  2. The Greatest White Privilege Is Life Itself. Like so many other black men in America, Elijah Cummings died too young. – The Atlantic

  3. Opinion | Donald Trump’s Racism: The Definitive List, Updated – The New York Times

  4. Dave Zirin on Twitter: “Stuffy silver maned polyp @mike_pence: blasting NBA players for not using their platform to protest China, when last year he was blasting NFL players *for* using their platform to protest police violence. His hypocrisies are rooted in his hatreds.” / Twitter

  5. Officials Called It a Heart Attack. Inmates Saw a Bloody Beating. John McMillon was a 67-year-old inmate who was looking forward to his parole hearing. He never made it there.

  6. Morrissey is anti-immigrant. Why don’t fans care? – Los Angeles Times

  7. [thread] Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “NEW: The US Commission on Civil Rights issued a report, Trauma at the Border: The Human Cost of Inhumane Immigration Policies, with devastating findings on this administration’s unjust and inhumane conditions in detention.” / Twitter

  8. Judd Legum on Twitter: “Facebook’s new section of “trusted” news sources will include Breitbart, a website that featured a section on “black crime” and laundered white nationalist talking points” / Twitter

  9. Woman dubbed ‘Swing Set Susan’ charged with impersonating officer to chase Hispanic teens off playground

  10. ACLU: Amazon Facial Recognition Falsely Linked Athletes To Mugshots

  11. Simar on Twitter: “Yesterday this country deported Jose Segovia-Benitez, a man who suffered a brain injury while serving this nation on two tours in Iraq, to a country that he hasn’t been to since he was 3.” / Twitter

  12. Historically black college ripped for confining students in dorms so Trump could hold a rally – Raw Story

  13. Sooji Nam on Twitter: ““As an African American, I feel very unsafe.” She is a freshman at Benedict College and said students were asked not to leave their dorm rooms between 1pm-4pm. @wachfox

  14. Man shot dead by police in Brownsville after confrontation inside nail salon

  15. High school cross-country runner disqualified for wearing hijab | TheHill

  16. Shaun King on Twitter: “I need to know the names and badge numbers of all of these officers who are punching these young Black boys in the face. They are teenagers. None of this brutality is OK. See this @JumaaneWilliams?

  17. Sherrilyn Ifill on Twitter: “.@NYPDONeill this melee, and the conduct of several of the officers involved requires a prompt explanation. Is this conduct in accordance with departmental procedures? This is just unacceptable.” / Twitter

  18. Brian Klaas on Twitter: “This Trump supporter, who went viral because of this absurd video calling on immigrants to “respect our laws,” has been…arrested for identity theft.

  19. saira rao on Twitter: “My Indian friend and his white girlfriend confronted some white guys dressed as “cowboys and Indians” last night. One of the white guys punched her in the face. White men, stop hurting everyone. Stop committing violence at every turn. Just. STOP.” / Twitter

  20. East Coast Renaissance on Twitter: “Racist Hispanic Dad who ‘hated black people’ MURDERS two innocent young men because one of em dated his Daughter.” / Twitter

  21. A Hunger Strike in ICE Detention | The New Yorker

  22. If Trump Is Impeached or Defeated, He’ll Call It a ‘Coup’

  23. Kimberlé Crenshaw in Today’s NYTimes: “You Promised You Wouldn’t Kill Me”

  24. Honduran Immigrant Accuses ICE Agent of Raping and Impregnating Her While Threatening Her Family | Colorlines

  25. LGBTQ+ People of Color More Likely to Live In Poverty Than Whites | Colorlines


  • Christine Pelosi on Twitter: “At @RepCummings’ Lying in State Arrival Ceremony, @TheBlackCaucus gathered round their fallen leader and broke into prayer. Such powerful thankfulness and purpose! He loved them and they loved him. #ElijahCummingsIsAPatriot

  • Wes Studi Makes History as First Native American to Win Oscar | Colorlines

  • HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ Is a Spectacular Assault on White Supremacy

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