This Week in White Supremacy #101: (Dec. 10) The Souls of Black Folks: Reclaiming Our Humanity From Racialized Trauma

The Souls of Black Folks: Reclaiming Our Humanity From Racialized Trauma – “Healing from 400 Years of Enslavement” – is a free conference taking place on December 10, 2019, from 8:30am to 5:00pm at the Hilton Oakland Airport. The Keynote Speaker is Dr. Kenneth Hardy. Soul Food Breakfast and Lunch Served; Workshops, Entertainment, and more; Continuing Education Units will be Available. Sponsored by: The African American Steering Committee for Health and Wellness; Alameda County Behavioral Health; and Supervisor Keith Carson’s Office.


  • On Nov. 5, 1968, Shirley Chisholm became the first Black woman to be elected to the U.S. House of Representatives

  • Lonnie Bunch III Set To Become Smithsonian Institution’s 1st Black Secretary: NPR

  • Officer Retires After Ties to Far-Right Group Revealed | Time

  • Jemele Hill on Twitter: “This black man joy is everything.” ==> Travis Johnson on Twitter: “This is so dope and at Tyler Perry studios coming to America 2 and bad boys 3

  • Bryan Stevenson’s Moral Clarity: The human rights lawyer, whose memoir is the basis for the forthcoming film ‘Just Mercy,’ has devoted his life to fighting for the convicted and the condemned

  • Temporary Protected Status extended for 6 countries, benefiting roughly 12,000 Massachusetts immigrants

  • Daniel Leon-Davis on Twitter: “23 years ago, my mom and I moved to the U.S. For 19 years, I was undocumented. This year, I became a citizen. Today, #iVoted for the first time.” / Twitter

  • Ernest J. Gaines, Author of ‘The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman,’ Is Dead at 86. Mr. Gaines chronicled the lives and struggles of black people in the South before the civil rights era. – The New York Times

  • Celebrating Black Male Teachers in SF

  • #BeckyCon2019 Is Trending On Twitter Thanks To Gail Simone

  • Arrest of Daniel McMahon Suggests That the Feds Are Finally Taking White Nationalism Seriously [Op-Ed] | Colorlines | Colorlines


  1. Hassan Ahmad on Twitter: “EVERYONE needs to see this. A wire map of white supremacy in the Trump administration on immigration. Check out the link here:

  2. A judge spoke out about racial bias. Now prosecutors are trying to get her removed from hundreds of cases. – The Washington Post

  3. Sam on Twitter: “in a shocking turn of events, the exact fucking thing the native people of the region said would happen if the pipeline was built just fucking happened” / Twitter

  4. Frederick Joseph on Twitter: “No, racism is not going to disappear with older generations. Racism is alive and well and being actively passed down.

  5. Kyle Griffin on Twitter: “Smithsonian Secretary Lonnie Bunch says that when he gave Trump the private tour of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Trump’s reaction to the Dutch role in the global slave trade was, “You know, they love me in the Netherlands.”

  6. Jamil Smith on Twitter: “When Trump when to visit @NMAAHC, founding director Lonnie Bunch was told he didn’t want to see anything “difficult.” Bunch started with the slave trade. “It was not my job to make the rough edges of history smooth, even for the president,” Bunch writes.

  7. Bridget Cambria on Twitter: “Longest child in family detention is MSHS, age 6. She’s been in immigration detention for 128 days. She was a spider for Halloween. Last night she sat in a corner in the Berks babyjail and cried to be reunited with both her mom and dad. #endfamilydetention #freetheBerkskids” / Twitter

  8. Yahoo News on Twitter: “EXCLUSIVE: At a White House Halloween party, children were encouraged to help “Build the Wall” with their own personalized bricks

  9. The Hill on Twitter: “Smuggling gangs have repeatedly sawed through new portions of Trump wall: report

  10. Customers at Naperville Buffalo Wild Wings say they were asked to move because of race – Chicago Tribune

  11. Goal on Twitter: “Mario Balotelli is making a stand in Italy. Following racist abuse from Hellas Verona fans, Balotelli left the pitch and had the game temporarily suspended. A statement was read to supporters before play continued.

  12. Mark Hertling on Twitter: “@potus and @SecPompeo do this despite being encouraged by hundreds of national security professionals who have insight in this area publicly begging them not to.” => Sam Vinograd on Twitter: “It’s official – @POTUS has set the lowest refugee cap in history despite record numbers of refugees globally.

  13. VDARE on Twitter: “As our demographics continue to shift, American political campaigns begin to take on third world aesthetics:” / Twitter

  14. [thread] Ashton Pittman on Twitter: “White supremacists gathered around civil rights martyr Emmett Till’s memorial today with a Mississippi Flag & a League of the South flag to film a racist propaganda video. The Emmett Till Interpretive Center’s security cams at the now-bulletproof monument caught them.

  15. Milwaukee man says he was told ‘go back to your country’ in acid attack | TheHill

  16. Jemele Hill on Twitter: “Think about this: It never occurred to Buffalo Wild Wings to ask the racist customers to leave. Their default position was humiliating the people of color and making them adjust to someone else’s racism. That is a snapshot of how race is generally handled in America” / Twitter

  17. [thread] brittany packnett cunningham on Twitter: “Just remember: White Supremacist= an individual with extreme beliefs. ie, Richard Spencer. White Supremacy = a *system* of dominance to the harm and exploitation of all others, with the darkest people often getting the worst end. Don’t hate one & uphold the other. (1/6)” / Twitter

  18. BAILEY, THE LIBTARDTARIAN on Twitter: “Milo just uploaded leaked audio of Richard Spencer reacting to the death of Heather Heyer and the negative press it did to his movement. Just in case there was any question of the so-called “dapper white nationalist” being a raged fuelled hateful monster. Explicit warning.

  19. [thread] Phillip Atiba Goff on Twitter: “1. Funny thing, discrimination is ALSO often based on love more than hate. A thread.” / Twitter

  20. Migrant in ICE custody removed from life support, family objected

  21. Amichai Stein on Twitter: “#BREAKING: FBI arrested a 27-year-old accused white supremacist who had planned to bomb a synagogue in Colorado over the weekend” / Twitter

  22. ABC7 Eyewitness News on Twitter: “A Milwaukee man was left with second-degree burns after someone threw battery acid in his face and accused him of being in the country illegally.

  23. Simon Moya-Smith on Twitter: “Trump rejects Native American Heritage Month, proclaims November “National American History and Founders Month.”” / Twitter

  24. Teacher suspended for wearing blackface to school in California – CNN

  25. Adrian Richard Vergara pleads guilty to hate crime after attacking Syrian refugee – The Washington Post

  26. Andrew Lawrence on Twitter: “Laura Ingraham blames the GOP losing VA on “demographic changes,” “foreign born population” and an altered “demographic makeup”

  27. Sarah Marie on Twitter: “I was wearing my USC sweater at the airport and this white woman asked if I “really” go there. When she found out I was in a PhD program, she was not only surprised but asked how I paid for it. They pay me to go here, not the other way around ma’am.” / Twitter

  28. Nigel D. on Twitter: “Some people really be doing wildin on flights.” / Twitter

  29. Nigel D. on Twitter: “This needs to be a short play called “White Privilege.”” / Twitter

  30. Karen Attiah on Twitter: “Proud of @KateBomz and her important work documenting the shameful history of how European countries discarded the bodies and stories of black Africans who fought and died in WWI. Catch her in the @Channel4News doc “The Unremembered” which airs this Sunday in the UK.

  31. Antigua and Barbuda demands reparations from Harvard University over law school founder – The Washington Post

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