This Week in White Supremacy #103: The Electoral College’s Racist Origins

The Electoral College’s Racist Origins: More than two centuries after it was designed to empower southern white voters, the system continues to do just that. – The Atlantic


  • Sherrilyn Ifill on Twitter: “So honored to receive this award from @UDCLaw named for such a great lawyer and legend. #CharlesOgletree” / Twitter

  • Asian Law Caucus on Twitter: “Today @GavinNewsom announced pardons for three SE Asian refugees facing deportation, including our client Saman Pho. We’re deeply grateful to Governor Newsom for his commitment to justice for our immigrant communities, and to all the supporters who advocated on Saman’s behalf.

  • Fatima Bhutto on the Surge of Bollywood, K-Pop and Turkish TV – The New York Times

  • Sister Helen Prejean on Twitter: “#RodneyReed STATUS UPDATE: Rodney will NOT be executed next week. The execution has been legally blocked by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. Rodney’s case will go back to the trial court in Bastrop for hearings on hidden evidence, false testimony, and actual innocence.” / Twitter

  • Bree Newsome Bass on Twitter: “Take care of yourselves, y’all. The work will get done. Make sure you’re eating, sleeping, enjoying life, etc. For real.” / Twitter

  • Bill Russell accepts Hall of Fame ring 44 years after induction

  • Obama, Bush, Clinton and Carter: You Must Declare a National State of Emergency on Hate

  • Sravya Chirumamilla, MD on Twitter: “I started new job and am blown away by everyone saying my name. Found out they had been practicing for months. For someone who is so often faced with “oh that’s too hard, can I just call you Dr. C?” it felt so welcoming. I am immensely proud of them for making that effort.” / Twitter

  • Eva Guzman on Twitter: “Latinas account for less than 2% of US lawyers. Today, I had the privilege of welcoming one more to the legal profession—my beautiful daughter. #ProudMom #SCOTX” / Twitter

  • The Legacy of a Radical Black Newspaperman | The New Yorker

  • Not guilty: Jurors acquit border aid volunteer Scott Warren on harboring charges | Local news |


  1. Jilmar Ramos-Gomez receives settlement after ICE detainment in Michigan – The Washington Post

  2. Bishop Talbert Swan on Twitter: Tanya McDowell, BLACK -12 yrs, sent son to wrong district Kelley Williams-Bolar, BLACK – 3 yrs, sent daughters to wrong district Felicity Huffman, WHITE – 14 days, paid to have daughter’s SAT fixed Toby McFarlane, WHITE – 6 mos, paid daughters into USC #CollegeCheatingScandal

  3. [thread] Bree Newsome Bass on Twitter: “There’s been basis to impeach Trump from minute he took oath of office b/c he’d already engaged in campaign finance crimes and his family & cronies were already fleecing tax payers out of $ during inauguration & transition period. That’s apart from him being a Russian mole. 1/” / Twitter

  4. Armie on Twitter: “64,000 black women are currently missing in the US. And no one is talking about it.

  5. [thread] Clarke on Twitter: “HERE’S THE REALITY OF SYRACUSE On Wednesday, someone in Day Hall, went to the 6th floor, took down the light fixtures in bathrooms and wrote the N word on mirrors and trash cans. They then went to the 4th floor and wrote an Asian slur across a…” / Twitter

  6. ko “that’s it” bragg. on Twitter: “26 states can charge kids as adults automatically. for 2 years i followed a 13-year-old’s saga through solitary confinement, missing school, and birthdays in jail. he’s one of 5,000 kids in Mississippi’s adult system since 1994. 75% are black like him.

  7. Antwaun Sargent on Twitter: “Naomi Campbell by Campbell Addy. It’s the first time in her 33 year career a black photographer has shot her for a mainstream publication. Take a moment with that. Thousands of shoots and not once was a black photographer hired. #newblackvanguard

  8. Clint Smith on Twitter: “Spent this week in Senegal & have been thinking about how activists there are pushing to have the street signs named after French colonists removed in ways paralleling the fight to take down Confederate statues. It was a reminder how global the fight against white supremacy is.” / Twitter

  9. Syracuse University hit with racist graffiti, vandalism and a swastika – The Washington Post

  10. tara houska on Twitter: “This. “White privilege is your history being part of the core curriculum and mine being taught as an elective.”

  11. South Jersey man accused in synagogue vandalisms, revealing dark network of neo-Nazi organizing online

  12. When the Judge Became the Defendant. Judge Shelley Joseph, charged with obstruction of justice and accused of helping an undocumented immigrant escape detention, has signaled she will risk a trial. – The New York Times

  13. U.S. immigration policy hits sad milestones under Miller

  14. S.I. man, 62, charged with hate crime for allegedly threatening Islamic woman and child with knife

  15. Heather Barr on Twitter: “Women and children came out of the village, screaming and crying, soldiers said. Mr. Fitzgerald said in an interview that the lieutenant turned to him and said, “If anyone tries to touch the bodies, shoot them.”” / Twitter

  16. Undercover investigation reveals evidence of unequal treatment by Long Island real estate agents

  17. Phillip Atiba Goff on Twitter: “This thread is just awful. It’s an indictment of all of us that we allow conditions in prisons and jails to be this savagely inhumane. ==> Liliana Segura on Twitter: “Yesterday I accompanied a woman to see her loved one in prison. We left before dawn to make it for the AM visit. Several hours later, we were headed back home, our visit denied. I wanted to share a bit about the experience. 1/” / Twitter

  18. brittany packnett cunningham on Twitter: ““Poor Taste” is a song written by Key, a slaveowner, with a 3rd verse that celebrates the death of slaves…being declared the national anthem by a racist President, Woodrow Wilson, who resegregated the government & defended the KKK. That’s your “anthem.” I honor what honors me

  19. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “NYC has one of the most racially segregated public school systems in the country. There is lack of political will to confront the drivers of segregation today. Students are courageously taking action. This is real leadership.” / Twitter

  20. Civil Rights Groups Sue Mississippi Prosecutor For Illegally Striking Black Jurors – The Appeal

  21. “Obama, Bush, Clinton and Carter: You Must Declare a National State of Emergency on Hate”: With the dangerous spread of hate and the violent rise of hate crime, we desperately need all former presidents, from both parties, to help us heal from the devastation exacerbated by their unworthy successor. Citizens Obama, Bush, Clinton and Carter, your country is calling. ~ Cornell William Brooks

  22. Richard Brookshire on Twitter: “Last night, @westmemphispd cops accosted and attempted to arrest my grieving sister for STANDING OUTSIDE OF OUR HOTEL AND MOURNING THE LOSS OF HER DEAD DUAGHTER. Threw her to the ground, put her in handcuffs and put their knee on her back, before throwing her in a police car.” / Twitter

  23. Many Native Americans Can’t Get Clean Water, Report Finds : NPR

  24. Girl denied school photos because of her hair gets magazine-worthy shoot with Chicago photographer | WGN-TV

  25. Naperville Central HS students posted ‘Slave for sale’ ad on Craiglist, principal says; post comes weeks after race-related incident at Buffalo Wild Wings – Chicago Tribune

  26. zellie on Twitter: “Black students have been leading a sit-in at Syracuse University for 6 straight days. #NotAgainSU has a list of demands for their university, including: Expel anyone involved in racist incidents; Hire more counselors that represent marginalized groups” / Twitter

  27. adam harris on Twitter: “HuffPost searched mentions in U.S. publications for 2019, finding that news outlets cited Buttigieg’s Rhodes scholarship 596 times. Cory Booker, also a Rhodes scholar, had just 79 mentions.

  28. Security in Houses of Worship Resources | San Francisco Interfaith Council

  29. Victory for Immigrant Youth Sets National Precedent | Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area

  30. Adam Serwer🍝 on Twitter: “Stephen Miller’s emails are important because they draw a straight line between the racist and anti-Semitic immigration laws of a century ago, explicitly designed to keep America white, and the impetus behind Trump administration policies.

  31. Alabama Politics on Twitter: “Another inmate has died in one of Alabama’s prisons. @ALCorrections said Dewayne Foxx, 26, died in Bibb Correctional Facility. He was found unresponsive in his bed with vomit on him. Investigators said they did not see any visible injuries.

  32. Julia Roberts suggested to play Harriet Tubman by studio exec |

  33. StanceGrounded on Twitter: “8-y/o Franklin of Guatemala reunited w/ his parents after being separated at the U.S. border. His father is asking for forgiveness “I missed you ” “I’m sorry forgive me” The U.S has the highest number of children in concentration facilities How can anybody be ok with this?” / Twitter

  34. Georgia teenager arrested in alleged plot to attack a historically black church – CNN

  35. Jewish Groups Demand Stephen Miller Resign From White House | HuffPost

  36. ADL Global Survey of 18 Countries Finds Hardcore Anti-Semitic Attitudes Remain Pervasive | Anti-Defamation League​

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