This Week in White Supremacy #104: ‘Riding BART while black: Does our transit system play a part in continuing racial stereotypes?’

Justin Phillips, San Francisco Chronicle – [Steve] Foster’s experience [for eating a breakfast sandwich on the platform] is a microcosm of the other-ization of black people that happens frequently on BART. They’re detained by police more often than any other racial group despite making up a small percentage of total BART customers. These incidents often happen in view of other passengers, which means that as the public rides BART, stereotypes surrounding race are being shaped before its eyes.


  • The Powerful Perspective of “Queen & Slim” | The New Yorker

  • ‘Your Mission Is Justice’: A Prosecutor on Why She Helped Free 3 Men – The New York Times

  • In Memoriam: Barbara Hillary, 88, Trailblazer on Top (and Bottom) of the World – A retired nurse, she was the first black woman to reach both poles, doing so in her 70s after deciding that she wanted a little adventure in her life. – The New York Times

  • Jessica Goldstein on Twitter: “”The Knot Worldwide, which owns The Knot and WeddingWire, is currently working on new guidelines to ensure wedding vendors on their websites don’t use language that glorifies, celebrates, or romanticizes Southern plantation history.”

  • UW School of Law on Twitter: “Congratulations to UW Law alumna Raquel Montoya-Lewis ’95, who becomes the first Native American to sit on the Washington State Supreme Court following her appointment by @GovInslee!” / Twitter

  • Cory Booker and Cedric Richmond introduce bill to ban race-based hair discrimination – The Washington Post


  1. Fox Sports sidelines Marco van Basten for ‘sieg heil’ comment

  2. Tom Jackman on Twitter: “And they are out: Alfred Chestnut, Ransom Watkins and Andrew Stewart walk out of the Baltimore city courthouse after 36 yrs for a crime they didn’t do:” / Twitter

  3. julie k. brown on Twitter: “Caliburn, contractor that holds migrant children, scraps holiday party at Trump National Golf Club – CBS News” / Twitter

  4. U.S. customs officer loses job and citizenship case over his Mexican birth certificate – Los Angeles Times

  5. Black With No Chaser on Twitter: “Y’all … I legit thought this was a troll job. She stopped a black man for looking suspsicious carrying packages in her neighborhood… in his UPS uniform.  (via niko15.7/IG)

  6. Thread by @jelani9: “AAs a way to measure people’s optimism or pessimism I sometimes ask black people what percentage of white Americans they think would, in a completely anonymous ballot, vote to deport every last one of us. I expected people to guess 30-40%. The average estimate is around 80…]”

  7. Trump admin projected it would separate 26,000 migrant kids at border, DHS watchdog says

  8. Yashar Ali on Twitter: “1. Just Posted: New info on @itsgabrielleu’s ouster at America’s Got Talent – Union was allegedly told a 10-year-old black rapper couldn’t be picked because they needed a contestant “America could get behind” – Simon Cowell’s indoor smoking (against law)

  9. Glitter Magazine on Twitter: “”Gabrielle Union was subjected to a very specific critique — that her rotating hair styles were “too black” for the audience of “AGT,” a note she received over half a dozen times,”

  10. Rev. Cornell William Brooks on Twitter: “Stranger: Are you Al Roker? Me: No. S: You sure? M: Yes, I am Cornell Wm. Brooks. S: I am calling you Al, you look just like him. Bye, Al. M: (To myself) love Al, but do “we all look alike?” Ever been randomly mistaken for other people? #MacysThanksgivingDayParade

  11. ICE arrested 250 foreign students at fake university in metro Detroit

  12. UNC System, Sons of Confederate Veterans reach settlement on Silent Sam ::

  13. Bishop Talbert Swan on Twitter: ““If I was white, be honest, you wouldn’t have stopped me.” Dear Wypipo, Black people do not have to explain to you what they’re doing or show you ID on demand. You have no right to stop us, detain us, make demands from us, who the hamburger are you?

  14. Janai Nelson on Twitter: “A man w/ his 2 children blocked fr visiting a relative by a white woman in an NYC apt bldg as she calls #911. Calling on @NYCCHR & @NYSHumanRights to investigate this clear example of the rampant indignities Blk & Brown ppl suffer in the face of imperious white privilege & racism

  15. Construction Worker Injured In Fatal New Orleans Hotel Collapse Is Deported | HuffPost

  16. Leaked Emails Fuel Calls For Stephen Miller To Leave White House : NPR

  17. Black father accuses Chuck E. Cheese mascot of ignoring his daughter | Daily Mail Online

  18. StanceGrounded on Twitter: “Montgomery county, Maryland This RACIST white lady wouldn’t let this young black girl exit her own residental building. “What are you going to do, rob somebody?” This is so insane and OUTRAGEOUS! THIS IS NOT OK!

  19. this is a whites only primary on Twitter: “White lady in Montgomery County, MD physically blocks a black woman from entering her residence. She was told she didn’t live there because “majority of the residents are white”” / Twitter

  20. Esmeralda Bermudez on Twitter: “In the 1950s, braceros used be treated by border authorities much like “livestock.” They had to stand naked, clothes in hand & be doused with a insecticide that was later banned. Today, their experiences are part of a moving, large-scale museum exhibit.

  21. Phillip Atiba Goff on Twitter: “1. It is only possible to say this in good faith if you do not understand how discrimination works. 2. This is exceptionally stupid. 3. Markets have, historically and in the present, ABSOLUTELY tolerated discrimination. 4. Please read history to avoid being #2.… ==> Jason Campbell on Twitter: “Daily Wire host argues it’s better if businesses are allowed to discriminate against people on the basis of race: “Wouldn’t you prefer if they just announced it and made that clear so you could stop supporting them?”

  22. Ananda Cohen-Aponte on Twitter: “”it is critical to note that Professor García-Peña is the only Latina professor on the tenure track.” The ONLY Latina on the tenure track at Harvard just got denied tenure, despite an award-winning book, numerous articles, national fellowships and awards under her belt.” / Twitter

  23. Eric Umansky on Twitter: “Consulting firm McKinsey worked for ICE and recommended the government cut food and medical spending for detainees. Really.

  24. Michael Harriot: Fear of a White Moderate Democrat

  25. Eric Muller on Twitter: “UNC’s Board of Governors shuttered our Poverty Center and our Civil Rights Center, but is funding a headquarters for the Sons of Confederate Veterans.”

  26. Jamal on Twitter: “The inmates in MISSISSIPPI PRISON are so hot they cant even close there door it’s a shame INHUMANE living conditions 8th amendment

  27. William Barr Says Those Who Don’t Show More Respect To Cops May Not Get Police Protection | HuffPost

  28. Zimmerman suing Trayvon Martin family, claiming cover-up | Miami Herald

  29. Hundreds of Thousands Are Losing Access to Food Stamps – The New York Times

  30. 49ers suspend broadcaster for saying Ravens QB Jackson had advantage due to ‘dark skin color with a dark football’ –

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