This Week in White Supremacy #105: Michael Harriot on impeachment, a racist president, and why white supremacy lingers in America

Michael Harriot thread on Twitter: “Everyone’s talking about impeachment and Clinton & Johnson as the only presidents ever impeached. But most people don’t know WHY Johnson was impeached. So let me tell you the story about how not impeaching a racist president is a BIG reason why white supremacy lingers in America”


  • Cheerleader who was punished for taking a knee during football game wins $145K settlement – Raw Story

  • Oval Four convictions overturned 47 years after men framed by corrupt detective – Mirror Online

  • Sherrilyn Ifill on Twitter: “Your morning thread. @Target will change discriminatory criminal background check policy. @NAACP_LDF Senior Counsel @coty_montag superbly led our team on this important case.” / Twitter

  • Tuskegee Airman celebrates 100th birthday with flight


  1. [thread] michaelharriot on Twitter: Nikki Haley said the Confederate Flag was a symbol of “service and sacrifice and heritage” I was born and raised in SC so I know a little about this. Here is the truth behind that statement:” / Twitter

  2. African Americans Face Undue Hurdles to Get Good Jobs – Center for American Progress

  3. Hundreds of New York City Students Protest Segregation at Their School | Colorlines

  4. Inside the Cell Where a Sick 16-Year-Old Boy Died in Border Patrol Care — ProPublica

  5. CREW Sues DHS for Revoking Anti-White Supremacy Grants – CREW

  6. Indian mascot task force ready to confront Washington at Lambeau Field

  7. A New Report on Family Separations Shows the Depths of Trump’s Negligence | The New Yorker

  8. Frank Ordoñez was UPS driver killed in shootout, family says – South Florida Sun-Sentinel

  9. Pew Research Center on Twitter: “About three-in-ten Americans say it would bother them to hear people speak a language other than English in public.

  10. Congressional Candidate Who Claims White People Are ‘Being Replaced By Third World Peasants’ Attracts Attention Of VDARE – Angry White Men

  11. Lindsey Graham: Confederate flag is ‘part of who we are’ – Washington Times

  12. Janai Nelson on Twitter: “With his hand on his gun this tax-payer salaried civil servant has endangered the life of this man & his young child. A sudden movement or other natural reflex could’ve produced a fatal tragedy. This exemplifies why communities of color distrust law enforcement. #PoliceReformNow

  13. Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “We’ve been working to expose white supremacists and extremists who have infiltrated the ranks of law enforcement. This West Virginia madness is a reminder about how pervasive this crisis is. Many of these biased corrections trainees would be armed and able to use deadly force.

  14. Dr. Cameron Webb on Twitter: “<Just knocked on the door & entered my patient’s room> Patient: [on the phone, looks up & sees me] “I’ve got to go, the food guy is here to get my lunch order.” Me: “Hello, I’m Dr. Webb. I’m the doctor in charge of your care while you’re in the hospital…”

  15. Robert Reich on Twitter: “So let me get this straight: we can afford a $1.9T tax cut for the wealthy and corporations, but can’t afford $5.5B to make sure 700,000 Americans on SNAP don’t go hungry.” / Twitter

  16. karla fc holloway on Twitter: “When I assumed chair of the Appointments Promotions &Tenure Cmte at Duke U, as I entered board room one of the committee members asked me for a coffee. So I went to the sideboard, got him a cup, then went to head of the table and called the cmte to order. Coffee was spilt.

  17. aki on Twitter: “the fact that regina king, zendaya, jharrel jerome, lupita and when they see us were all shut out of the golden globes … hmm i wonder what they have in common

  18. South Carolina history scholar schools Nikki Haley on Confederate Flag’s ugly history: It has ‘long been tied to white supremacy, racism and racial violence’ –

  19. Variety on Twitter: “‘When They See Us’ Shut Out of Golden Globe Nominations

  20. CBP denies access to doctors seeking flu vaccinations for migrant children – The San Diego Union-Tribune

  21. Kevin Ring on Twitter: “DOJ has done it again. A handful of people from New Jersey were released last month after serving 19.5 years, thanks to the crack retroactivity provision in the First Step Act. Today, on the 30th day of their freedom, DOJ filed appeals to send them all back. Disgraceful.” / Twitter

  22. Kenidra4Humanity on Twitter: “Imagine your 5th grade child coming home with homework about setting a price for slaves. This is what fuels hate & teaches children that white is superior, blacks are inferior. Children deserve to grow up in a world founded on unity! Our educational system is corrupt. Thoughts?

  23. Keep it Cool Pops Mannie on Twitter: “I kept my cool. I only got the last 18 seconds of this encounter. Mind you, I was in a complete from head to toe uniform. I’ve seen videos in Twitter and never thought this would happen to me.

  24. Leah McElrath on Twitter: “The Mayor of Jersey City is now saying the “location” of the mass shooting today was “targeted.” The location was a Jewish Kosher store.

  25. This Is What Racism Sounds Like in the Banking Industry – The New York Times

  26. The U.S. Government’s Mistrust of Chinese Americans – Bloomberg

  27. Texas Tribune on Twitter: “1/ #TravisRunnels is set to be executed this evening. Texas officials don’t deny that prosecutors introduced false testimony at his capital murder trial. But they’re arguing that the state should still execute him even if they did.; / Twitter

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