This Week in White Supremacy, Week #113: ‘My father has repeatedly asked where’s the ‘escape plan’ for his brown, Muslim grandchildren.’

Wajahat Ali on Twitter: “My father is an immigrant from Pakistan who came to this country 50 years ago. He’s not an alarmist. This is the first time he has repeatedly asked where’s the “escape plan” for his brown, Muslim grandchildren. Where can they go & be safe? It’s sobering that he’s thinking this.”


  • Native Americans defeat GOP’s racist voter ID law in North Dakota
  • Be A King on Twitter: “I’m not sure how the world would be better had my father not been assassinated. I am sure that he left us with strategies and truths on how to be better for and to each other; and on how to have the courage to work for justice. He’s not here. But we are.
  • United We Dream on Twitter: “PRESS RELEASE: Immigrant Youth Reject Trump, Miller, and Kushner’s White Supremacist Immigration Policies
  • Andy Grewal on Twitter: “”Judge Sri Srinivasan becomes the first person of South Asian descent to lead a federal circuit court.”
  • California to apologize officially for mistreating Japanese Americans – Los Angeles Times
  • Ava DuVernay on Twitter: “This made me cry. With pride. Thank you, Mr. Jones. ==> NowThis on Twitter: “This rare footage shows what life was like in all-Black towns during the 1920s
  • Major Civil Rights Groups Condemn Imminent Ban on Black Immigration, Call for Congressional Action – Muslim Advocates
  • How ‘Black Patriots’ Helped Win The American Revolution | Colorlines


  1. Trump supporter Dennis Prager says it’s ‘idiotic’ he can’t use the N-word – Raw Story
  2. Clint Smith on Twitter: “The city of Birmingham is 74% Black. The city of Birmingham was founded in 1871, it didn’t even *exist* during the Civil War. There is no reason the city should be prevented from taking down its Confederate statues, but the state of Alabama is telling them that they can’t.
  3. Charles M. Blow on Twitter: “This eugenics crap is so dangerous. In the US it lead to forced sterilizations of women in the South — sometimes against their wills, often without their knowledge — that became so common that they came to be referred to as “Mississippi appendectomies.”
  4. New Jersey Police Target Minority Areas for Ticket Quotas
  5. Confidential therapy notes being used against immigrant children – Washington Post
  6. Newark mayor fires back at Barr over ICE plan that ‘incites hatred’ –
  7. Book Patrol on Twitter: “The Cost of Reading in Prison: In West Virginia it’s 5 cents a minute
  8. AFRICAN HISTORY on Twitter: “69 black boys were padlocked in their dormitory at school and it was then set on fire in 1959. 21 burnt to death while 48 managed to escape.
  9. Leslie Proll on Twitter: “Same NC legislature that passed another photo ID law which Fourth Circuit ruled “targeted African Americans with almost surgical precision.” Shows persistence of state-sponsored racism & efforts to deny fundamental right to vote. We are fighting the battles we thought we won.
  10. Neil Lewis, Jr. on Twitter: “45 years later, Black student enrollment at Michigan is *checks notes* 5%
  11. Carrie Sheffield on Twitter: “Join us tomorrow 12:30ET @PressClubDC as we launch 1776, a new coalition responding to disturbing attempts by The 1619 Project to rewrite history. Our 1776 coalition provides a creative, uplifting alternative!
  12. What is the ‘boogaloo’? How online calls for a violent uprising are hitting the mainstream
  13. Immigration Arrests at Sonoma Courthouse Expose Dilemma for Judges | The Recorder

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