This Week in White Supremacy #114: Eight years ago this week. We will never forget you, Trayvon Martin

Phillip Atiba Goff on Twitter: “8 years ago today. He was a 17-year-old child. He was unarmed. He was stalked by an armed vigilante wannabe cop who ignored police directions. Still, people call him names and spit on his grave. We will never forget you. May you rest in eternal peace and glory, Trayvon Martin.


  • The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Will Finally Be Part of Oklahoma School Curriculum
  • AP Seattle on Twitter: “BREAKING: Greyhound says it will stop letting Border Patrol agents conduct routine immigration checks on its buses.” / Twitter
  • UC Berkeley removes racist John Boalt’s name from law school | Berkeley News
  • Nominations open – African American Student Achievement and Excellence Awards – April 25th 2020 – African American Regional Educational Alliances
  • Kristen Clarke on Twitter: “BREAKING: House passes the Emmet Till Antilynching Act which designates lynching as a federal hate crime. Given increased hate crimes, it is imperative that we remember the racial terror inflicted on thousands of Black Americans and acknowledge our history of racial violence.
  • Harvard Students Sue School Over Investments in Prison Industrial Complex | Colorlines
  • Sherrilyn Ifill on Twitter: “You really want to read the complaint in the suit we filed today challenging prison gerrymandering in PA. It misallocates representation & resources to rural mostly white communities and away from areas like Philly & Pittsburgh. And it violates the PA Constitution. #Census2020


  1. Elaine Low on Twitter: “Trump on the Oscars, at a Colorado rally: “The winner is… a movie from South Korea! What the hell was that all about? We got enough problems with South Korea with trade. … Can we get ‘Gone With the Wind’ back, please?”
  2. Shawnté James, MD FAAP on Twitter: “Me: “Your OB discharged you, so I’m here to do baby’s check-up.” *mom nods* Me: *examining baby* “Can you tell me about the obstacles preventing you from getting prenatal care? Maybe we can help.” Her: “I was in ICE detention.” Room falls silent. Interpreter lowers her head.” / Twitter
  3. Leslie Proll on Twitter: “#JudicialDiversity on state courts is critically important. Especially since Trump overhaul of federal judiciary increases focus on litigating here. State courts are also primary feeders for federal court appointments. If they’re not diverse, federal courts will be less diverse.
  4. After Germany shooting, minorities say the country has been slow to recognize the threat of far-right extremism – The Washington Post
  5. MuslimMarine on Twitter: “My son literally just texted me from his middle school. He was crying due a student bullying him because of his Muslim faith. Now put yourself in his situation/my situation. This is REAL America.
  6. BLACK mixed w/ BLACK on Twitter: “There are 1.7 million black men under some form of correctional control today, about twice the 870,000 black men who were enslaved in 1850. Slavery wasn’t abolished, just redesigned.” / Twitter
  7. Racist attacks on Asians spreading faster than coronavirus in US – CNN
  8. White Supremacist Group Found to Have More Targets
  9. A lost history, recovered: Faded records tell the story of school segregation in Virginia – The Washington Post
  10. Amazon Confronts Criticism Over ‘Hunters’ and Sale of Nazi Propaganda – The New York Times
  11. Racist Assumption Parish Judge’s Cases Under Review
  12. Stephen Miller, the Architect of Trump’s Immigration Plan | The New Yorker
  13. Taz Ahmed on Twitter: “It is no coincidence that US President goes to Delhi, calls India Prime Minister the best guy and then massive state sanctioned riots against Muslims, Muslim owned businesses/buildings burned, mosques desecrated. This is global Islamophobia.” / Twitter
  14. Video: 6-year-old cries for help as Orlando police arrest her – Orlando Sentinel
  15. The Department of Justice Creates Section Dedicated to Denaturalization Cases | OPA | Department of Justice
  16. (((Josh))) on Twitter: “Woman tells NPR she doesn’t have health insurance, won’t be able to get it for another couple years. Asked if she considered coverage through Obama’s Affordable Care Act: “No. I don’t like anything with Obama’s name on it.”” / Twitter
  17. Ninth Circuit Declines to Vacate Joe Arpaio’s Criminal Contempt Record, but Defense Declares Victory | The Recorder

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