This Week in White Supremacy #134: W. Kamau Bell – ‘What every American needs to know about White supremacy’

W. Kamau Bell / CNN – Below the surface of the water is where you find the bulk of White supremacy: The structures and systems that are in place to keep White Americans at the top and every other race and ethnicity below them to protect the status quo. This includes everyday stuff like police brutality; the legacy of Jim Crow laws mandating segregation; gerrymandering; the ongoing impact of redlining and housing discrimination; long-standing economic inequality; mass incarceration; asking Black people to explain things that you could just Google, and much, much more. 


  • Who Were the Freedom Riders? Representative John Lewis was among the 13 original Freedom Riders, who encountered violence and resistance as they rode buses across the South, challenging the nation’s segregation laws. – The New York Times
  • How Black Lives Matter Has Changed How Black Families Talk About Racism Today : Shots – Health News : NPR
  • Rachel Scott on Twitter: “Just 75 years ago someone who looked like me didn’t have a credential into a White House built by slaves. The first black female White House reporter pawned her watch every week to eat. Grateful the next time I walk through the gates it will be as a White House correspondent
  • Black and Brown Students Are Organizing to Remove Police From Their Schools | Colorlines
  • John Muir: Sierra Club speaks out against its racist founder – CNN
  • Washington’s football team to call itself Washington Football Team until it settles on a new name – CNN


  1. Black Physicians’ Plea to America | Portside
  2. Black Teen Jailed for Failing to Complete Online Schoolwork
  3. RISE UP WORKING CLASS on Twitter: “My eye always twitches when I’m looking at my patients labs and I see “gfr African American” on Black patients.” / Twitter
  4. Travon Brown cross burning: White neighbor James Brown arrested after Marion, Va., Black Lives Matter march – The Washington Post
  5. School reopening and its racist effects — by a teacher – The Washington Post
  6. The truths ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ tells about white people – The Washington Post
  7. White Too Long: How Racism Lives in the DNA of White Christianity in America | Sojourners
  8. Opinion | The Latest in School Segregation: Private Pandemic ‘Pods’ – The New York Times

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