What You Can Do to Protect #OurCourt and Honor RBG’s Legacy

What You Can Do to Protect #OurCourt and Honor RBG's Legacy

The Senate Democratic caucus is united against allowing a Supreme Court nominee to go forward before inauguration, meaning that this is a fight we can absolutely win. There are a handful of Republicans who have publicly stated their discomfort with a nomination this close to the election.

The next president must nominate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s replacement after the people have spoken. The election is already underway with people voting all across the nation. Voters are energized and know what’s at stake. Under no circumstances should the Senate consider a replacement for Justice Ginsburg until after inauguration.

Justice Ginsburg’s legacy as a principled, dignified defender of justice for all will be remembered. She has magnified the Supreme Court’s importance for millions of Americans, and it would be an insult to her legacy for this president to select a justice he promises will assail our rights and undermine, upend, and unravel our democratic norms for generations.

The Senate failed us by rubber-stamping Trump’s justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. They cannot fail again. We need a fair-minded justice like Ginsburg. A principled, dignified defender of justice who will utilize their position on the bench to safeguard civil rights. We accept nothing less.


Call Your Senators (via The Leadership Conference) – Dial 1-888-521-6658 to be routed directly to the appropriate Senate office. You can also use this web tool. There may be an unusually high volume of activity so apologies in advance if the tool is intermittently unavailable.

Message Your Senators (via PFAW) – Tell the Senate: NO Trump SCOTUS Nominee through this online form.


Watch the press call held this past Saturday with leaders from People For the American Way, Alliance for Justice, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and the National Women’s Law Center.

Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky Op-Ed: Democrats have a secret weapon to thwart a rapid Ginsburg replacement. They should use it. https://yhoo.it/2FYhdsc

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Los Angeles Times Editorial Board: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead. The Senate should wait to replace her. https://lat.ms/2FNDlpD

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