Bradley Effect? The Boogey Man is Under Your Bed

Allow me to get irritated for a minute.  The first article below (first link at the bottom) is an example of inciting unnecessary fear.    The so-called “Bradley” (a.k.a., Wilder, a.k.a., Dinkins) effect, of which there is sparse evidence, has been assigned to Obama for one reason: because he’s an African American candidate (and raceContinue reading “Bradley Effect? The Boogey Man is Under Your Bed”

Is ‘That One’ American Enough?

The continuing stream of articles dealing with race and the presidential campaign contrasts with the infrequent coverage we saw in the primary season. Just a sampling of articles in the past 24 hours: TIME’s Peter Beinart in an article titled “Is He American Enough?“: “With their incessant talk about who loves their country and whoContinue reading “Is ‘That One’ American Enough?”