Sweet Home Alabama

What a week, or more correctly, what a day.  From the sadness of losing Ed Lee to the elation of the Alabama election.  I spent most of Tuesday reluctant to listen to the news because I feared a repeat of last year’s election night when the unthinkable became real. I feared that my fellow Americans would support a child molester, a man who thinks Muslims should not serve in Congress, a man who wrote that women should not hold elected office, a man who thinks my family would have been happier as slaves.

After enduring a year of white supremacists marching with torches, of immigrants being terrorized and dragged from the only home they have known, of countless women being degraded and disbelieved when they share stories of horrors they have experienced, of disabled people being disrespected and mocked, and of a woman being killed by fascists in Charlottesville, I feared yet another night of disappointment and hurt.

The Resistance has been vigilant for the past year, but sometimes I just wanted to lay down and cry for our country. I spend a lot of time studying the Nazi era and those who successfully defeated it. I wondered if I am strong enough to withstand being put in prison if things get that dire and I have to oppose authoritarianism and fascism in a more active way.

Well, last night, I cried tears of joy and relief. Our country can save itself from the evil that is Trumpism. I can get some rest and get ready for battle again.

Oh, and by the way, BLACK WOMEN.  ‘Nuff said.


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