This Week in White Supremacy: Week 37

“The quote motivating me: ‘Either America will destroy ignorance or ignorance will destroy the United States.’-W.E.B. Du Bois. I am dedicating myself to destroying ignorance.” Maya Wiley

  1. On the 28th anniversary of the ADA’s passage, disability rights are increasingly in peril. Rewire
  2. The Justice Department has instructed US attorneys offices not to use the term “undocumented” immigrants and instead refer to someone illegally in the US as “an illegal alien.” CNN
  3. BART slaying ignites fear among black people — ‘It just feels like they’re coming for us’. San Francisco Chronicle
  4. News station apologizes after failed attempt to criminalize Nia Wilson. Blavity
  5. The summer of Coupon Carl, Permit Patty, and the videos that turn white privilege into mockable memes. The New Yorker
  6. It used to matter when a politician yelled ‘n-gger’ – overt bigotry seems more common now, and Americans are getting used to it. Rolling Stone
  7. Southern nationalist group creates Russian language website page to foster relationship between the ‘two natural allies’. Newsweek
  8. Minority homebuyers are systematically steered to neighborhoods with higher concentrations of toxic contamination and pollution than their white counterparts. ThinkProgress
  9. ICE deports Florida mom for paying traffic ticket. Miami New Times
  10. Trump and Russia used race to divide America. Now it’s a national security problem. USA Today
  11. Indictment targets Idaho white supremacy gangs. Southern Poverty Law Center
  12. More evidence emerges that Trump intended for family separation to be permanent. Slate
  13. The Anti-Defamation League issues its first-ever report tying misogyny to white supremacy. Cosmopolitan
  14. Over 460 migrants separated from their children have potentially been deported by U.S. NBC News
  15. GOP congressman calls Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ‘this girl … or whatever she is’. HuffPost
  16. ‘Titans’ star Anna Diop disables Instagram comments after racist fan reaction. Ebony
  17. Now is a good time to kick people off food stamps, according to the Trump administration, because poor people have it pretty good and the economy is doing really well. HuffPost
  18. Voter purge frenzy after federal protections lifted. NBC News
  19. ICE agents arrested a mother and son after they appeared in court over domestic violence dispute. Newsweek
  20. Advancing Justice-LA on Twitter: “Asian Americans Advancing Justice is appalled at the @WashingtonPost’s decision to publish an op-ed advocating for an end to birthright citizenship.” @AAAJ_LA
  21. Michigan State is bringing back a linebacker who left the team after reportedly calling a teammate the N-word. SB Nation
  22. “Georgia cops tackled 10-year-old black kid for trying to talk to his dad, who was in the police car. Cops twisted the child’s arms behind his back and dangled handcuffs in front of him, as he’s heard saying ‘I’m sorry.’” @Matsamon
  23. In a small Alabama town, an evangelical congregation reckons with God, President Trump and the meaning of morality. “Sheila never believed [slavery] was as bad as people said it was. ’Slaves were valued,’ she said. ‘They got housing. They got fed. They got medical care.'” Washington Post


Every April 10 will officially be Dolores Huerta Day in California.

Counties cancel ICE detention contracts.

Woman seeking asylum finally has her 11-year-old son back after 58 days apart.

Claudine Gay has been named Dean of Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

Anonymous donors are dismantling Confederate statues.

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