This Week in White Supremacy: Week 41

  1. A white man urinated on a 5-year-old Black girl and called her a racial slur. ABC News
  2. Georgia superintendent allegedly threatened to kill Black people in recorded racist rant. People
  3. ICE handcuffs immigrant kids on their 18th birthdays, drags them to jail. Miami New Times
  4. Trump tweets the word ‘Africa’ for first time as president — in defense of whites in South Africa. Washington Post
  5. Matt Horn, a white South African, responds to Trump’s tweet. @maxui
  6. “The fact that David Duke is thanking Trump for his South Africa tweet says everything.” @marclamonthill
  7. Shaun King on Trump’s South Africa tweet. @shaunking
  8. A former Homeland Security Investigations special agent raped a woman twice, sexually assaulted another and told the victims police would never believe them if they reported him because of his law enforcement position. NBC News
  9. “How is it that Catholics avoid getting painted whole cloth as pedophiles, but Muslims get painted whole cloth as terrorists?” @AngryBlackLady
  10. VIDEO: Officers are accused of racial profiling after stopping a car with two Black men inside for no apparent reason. NowThis
  11. Notoriously brutal, racist plainclothes policing makes a return in Baltimore. The Appeal
  12. Black teen attacked at country music fest by man in pickup with Confederate flag. Sacramento Bee
  13. It took the White House less than a day to use Molly Tibbetts’s murder to push Trump’s immigration agenda. Vox
  14. Trump supporter flashes White Power sign at Trump rally. @Serial_Trader_
  15. VIDEO: “To watch this Georgia state senator justify the president’s use of the N-word has my mind spinning on this morning. Is this where we are now as a country…or is this where we’ve always been?” @PastorMaxwell
  16. Bar criticized after Black staffers let go, customer turned away. The State
  17. Trump administration moves to penalize immigrants for using government benefits. NPR
  18. “Asked Trump if he would guarantee that he has never used the ‘n-word’. No answer, as he walked away.” @PeterAlexander
  19. ‘I’m not going there’: As Trump hurls racial invective, most Republicans stay silent. Washington Post
  20. “While introducing a Latino border patrol agent the president said that he ‘speaks perfect English’ at a public event at the White House, but you can keep on looking for an N word tape if you want to.” @ZerlinaMaxwell
  21. “No Black folks in either of my grad classes. I’m the only Black person. It’s infuriating.” @OsopePatrisse
  22. “Christ The King Middle School in Gretna, Louisiana expelled this beautiful young Black girl saying that her hair style was ‘unnatural.’” @shaunking
  23. Westport security guard asks Black bartender to make a ‘Trayvon Martini.’ Kansas City Star
  24. Trump adviser Larry Kudlow hosted publisher of white nationalists at his home. Washington Post
  25. Janai Nelson on “white citizen patrol”. @JNelsonLDF


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