Trump is wounded and dangerous. We must all be very vigilant right now.

For the past two days, I have felt dizzy and light headed upon rising from my slumber. The doctors do not see anything wrong so I turn to psychology to explain this feel of being disoriented and of course I land on Donald J. Trump.

He is now wounded and knows that if the Democrats’ Blue Wave manifests he is surely going to be impeached. Numerous law and order prosecutors are on his trail. His former consigliere Michael Cohen has “flipped” and seems eager to harm Trump. Manafort is in prison. Trump says Manafort did not “break” – signaling that his former campaign chair knows where the metaphorical bodies are buried.

A cornered wounded arrogant narcissist will not just fade into that good night. He is used to dominating and winning. So much winning.

This is where the danger lies. When backed into a corner, Trump needs to find scapegoats. Trump needs to rile up his base so that they stay loyal. The red meat he throws his supporters is usually RACISM. In the first tweet that mentions Africa, Trump peddles conspiracy theories about all the good white South Africans who have been murdered by Black Africans and has his Secretary of State dispatched to get more info. He continues to tell the lie that the immigrant who killed Mollie Tibbetts is undocumented and ignores the pleas of her family not to use her death as a way to further divide our country.

We need to stand ready for more unhinged (go on sister Omarosa!!) attacks. Some of his supporters will continue to be violent towards people of color and/or immigrants.

We are now in even more dangerous territory. Be aware. Pay attention. Trump and his minions are on the defensive but they are even more dangerous now.

I am more confident than ever that his days in office are numbered but that will not happen quickly.

Take care.

~ Eva


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