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Editorial cartoon on Judge Sotomayor has subtext of lynching, stereotypes Latinos

The Oklahoman newspaper printed on Tuesday a racist, sexist and outright offensive “editorial” cartoon. It depicts Judge Sotomayor strung up by a rope, likening itself to lynching images or a piñata, with President Barack Obama wearing a sombrero, holding a stick and asking a crowd of elephants (Republicans) “Now, who wants to be first?” The […]
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NY Post Editorial Cartoon: Simian Stereotypes and Cartoonist Excuses

If nothing else, the now-infamous New York Post cartoon by Sean Delonas published Wednesday showing a chimp shot to death by police officers should be a clear answer to the question of whether we’re in a “post-racial” America. As EJS President Eva Paterson and others have argued, the answer to that question is a resounding […]
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