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Reggie Shuford to Join EJS as Director of Law and Policy

After an extensive search process, the Equal Justice Society today announced that we’ve hired Reggie Shuford as our new Director of Law and Policy. He’ll be joining us in mid-May. EJS has long wanted to engage in the next level of overturning the Intent Doctrine. Finding just the right Director of Law and Policy was […]
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Editorial cartoon on Judge Sotomayor has subtext of lynching, stereotypes Latinos

The Oklahoman newspaper printed on Tuesday a racist, sexist and outright offensive “editorial” cartoon. It depicts Judge Sotomayor strung up by a rope, likening itself to lynching images or a piñata, with President Barack Obama wearing a sombrero, holding a stick and asking a crowd of elephants (Republicans) “Now, who wants to be first?” The […]
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