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Latinos Missing from NY Times Recollection of 2009 Passings

Our friend and ally Tom Saenz, President and General Counsel of MALDEF, has brought to our attention the issue addressed in the article that follows. After seeing the new Star Trek movie, he pointed out that there are apparently no Latinos in the future. There were no Latino characters on the starship Enterprise. The following […]
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Editorial cartoon on Judge Sotomayor has subtext of lynching, stereotypes Latinos

The Oklahoman newspaper printed on Tuesday a racist, sexist and outright offensive “editorial” cartoon. It depicts Judge Sotomayor strung up by a rope, likening itself to lynching images or a piñata, with President Barack Obama wearing a sombrero, holding a stick and asking a crowd of elephants (Republicans) “Now, who wants to be first?” The […]
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Eva Paterson on ABC7’s ‘Profiles of Excellence’

EJS President Eva Paterson was profiled on the latest installment of the Emmy Award-winning “Profiles of Excellence,” hosted by Carolyn Johnson and produced by the ABC 7 Public Affairs Department to celebrate the cultural and ethnic diversity of the Bay Area. Mimi Kwan and Laura Kutch produce the series.

Eva Paterson on Lateefah Simon in the Chronicle

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Leslie Fulbright covers Lateefah Simon, the new executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area, in today’s edition. Leslie quotes Eva Paterson on her meeting Lateefah for the first time: She said the two were at a function meant to unite older leaders of the […]
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